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good experience, got what i ordered, he answered my emails letting me know what was going on, thanks bo

I agree, I have ordered a few items from Bo and had a few questions when I did, he has been quick to answer and a pleasure to deal with

Add me to the LIST !

Head, turbo's, heck Bo sent me new valves when I broke my timing belt a few months ago and bent them. Installed them, added more timing and she's running faster now.

[Image: P1060619.JPG]
87 TC 5 speed at 220,000 miles, BoPort Stage 3 Head, 2.1 cam, 50 trim Turbo, Stinger Pimp, 3" exhaust, upper and lower ported manifolds, FMIC, 66lb injectors, 255 pump, 20 psi at 4K, 25 psi at 4.5k. Temp is 93c and IAT is 50c in West Texas Summer. Great freeway flyer on pump 93 gas.

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