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TurboFords 2023

Forum has slowed down over the years. Hopefully 2023 see's more action and fun! Maybe we can have a 2023 ET list, see Laramee back out, have a TurboFord meet, see a Texas white SVO make some waves, have a camo TexasGrunt show Laramee what fast is...ect. Honestly just looking to have fun, life is short, and we need to enjoy. That is all for now, if I can curb road racing a little maybe I'll finish a drag car....or street car.  Big Grin
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Hey Brian, I hope all is well with you down there in TX.
Yes, it has slowed down but I'm still approving 5-6 new members a week so there is still some interest in our 'antique' platform.
Both the 2.3 lima and the forum...lol
(2) 84.5 TurboGT 'verts/84.5 TurboGT hatch/(3) 86 SVOs
86 LX 2.3 (project Ratstang)/04 SVT Focus #1276
77 F-350/40 Ford Sedan/67 Fairlane GT 'vert

Even on FB talk of get togethers for the lima people has pretty much dissapeared.
Seems like every few months I sit down and weigh the pros and cons of selling my stuff. I have a lot of things I would like to do to the bird but it is really money better spent on other things.
Will see how things play out next year.
88 TC: 2.9L tall deck, SVO head, boport header, sheet metal intake, BWS369SXE turbo, AWIC. C4 trans. E85

10.50s for me or bust. 11.0@128 last year still debugging and on a stock intake and TB. The good parts are going back on for spring!
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Function before form. Going fast is looking good!

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