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Cranks but no start after sitting 10 Years

(02-01-2023, 02:33 AM)TurboRay Wrote:  .
Only  7  5  4 more days to reach your 2-week 'goal' for returning to this thread (on the 7th), Naythen!!!!!!!  <stickpoke>

Lol, guess I am on the clock, fuel pressure seems good at cranking at 40psi (aftermarket fuel pressure regulator with a inline gauge. I checked for any leakage of spark on the cap and spark doesn't seem to be a issue. Another concern, I was having is there isn't any self test lights on the dash, like amp or I can't remember the other off the top of my had, curious if that had anything to do with it...
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(02-04-2023, 12:06 AM)Naythen Wrote:  1) Lol, guess I am on the clock.........
2) I checked for any leakage of spark on the cap and spark doesn't seem to be an issue.  
1) It's not so much that you're "on the clock" as it is that you apparently lack any motivation or urgency to diagnose and fix your car, Naythen!  You and I first exchanged (6) posts about the prob between 1/7 & 1/11 ~ then you didn't return again (or give an "update") until 2-weeks later on the 24th. I immediately offered my 2¢, and............here we are a week-and-a-half after THAT.  <shrug>

2) Spark doesn't "leak" from the dist cap (altho it DOES occasionally "carbon-track" inside and cause crossfiring) ~ so.......that's not what I suggested that you check. Spark DOES occasionally "leak" thru a worn/porous dist ROTOR and "grounds" into the dist shaft. That's why I suggested.......crank the engine while holding the coil wire above the rotor's center contact: there shouldn't be any spark between the two.

If that's okay, AND since you have 40psi fuel-rail pressure, I suggest using a noid light or listening to the inj's with a screwdriver between 'em and your ear for "clicking" while cranking/starting. You DID say you have good/even compression, right?  <shrug>  Another thing you could try is to attempt starting the engine with the SpOut (spark output) plug removed. That's the plug you remove when setting base ignition timing.
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