Full Version: TFI Replacement Program
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If you are experiencing problems with your 83-95 Ford vehcile, which you believe are possibly related to your original Motorcraft TFI. And your vehicle has 100,000 miles or less, regardless if you are not the original owner, Ford will check and replace your TFI for free. They replace 99% of the TFI's they check.
The program is called the TFI-IV Extended Warranty. I bought my Turbocoupe new in September 85 and they just replaced my TFI last week, plus gave me a report on the rest of my engines sensors and electrical system for free.
Will any Ford dealership do this?
Any and all Ford dealships have to do this.They lost a major court case and this was part of the settlement.
My odometer only reads to 99,999 (showing 82,xxx now)
Do I qualify? Big Grin
This is probably the second case Ford has lost regarding TFI modules. A few years back they were reimbursing anyone who had to replace a TFI module at their own expense. I had to put one in my 88 LX and got about $60 after I sent them a copy of the receipt.
Same case the replacement program is still going. I forgot to mention if you already replaced your TFI, you can submit a request for reimbursement, but you probally need to have some kind of support documentation.
wil they reimburse for three TFI's LOL. I had to replace 2 in my mustang and 1 in my XR
If you have the reciepts, they should reimburse you one for each car. Good luck.
I just got off the phone with my local Ford dealership and the guy said they stopped doing this like last October... Said something about a class action suite against ford and that the offer has expired long ago. I dont suppose you can post a link or more info about this?
This link should help.

It appears if you had the tfi already replaced your time ran out, if you still have the original your okay. The name of the program which a service manager can find is TFI-IV Extended Warranty. I saw the program today on the ford service managers computer, it is still going.