Full Version: am i missing something?--oil leak
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I have just recently put my motor back into my car--runs great, have not had too many problems. One problem that I am having with it is a little oil leak that is somewhere up by my timing belt. On the side of the timing belt closer to the valve cover is where the oil is getting on and it is getting flung up into the hood---I have tightened bolts that I can see and get to, I have tried wiping it down to find it but just letting the car idol does not make it leak. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot
Take off the cam gear bolt, wrap it with teflon tape, reinstall to the proper torque spec. Use the search function.(Turbopit is busy,lol)
did you seal the cam bolt that holds on the timing gear.
I do not believe thatthere is teflon tape on it, I will give it a try, thanks guys!
Solved my leak also.It will leak badly.I used loc-tite and it sealed for a while but then leaked.Teflon tape did the trick.