Full Version: Another cheap EFR 6758 on ebay
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6758 with no internal WG and the v-band .80 turbine housing, bid at $150 right now.


No affiliation, but for someone that wants to get on the EFR train this is a cheap way to do it. Spend another $250 on the updated compressor housing with recirculation valve and BCS and you have a great turbo.
I have that exact turbo. It is most definitely off of an Indy car. I paid $750 for mine. The turbine isnt a .80. It's a .64. I know because I just bought the .85 non WG housing and its definitely larger.

Also, be careful with this if anyone does get it. the turbine inlet isn't like normal off the shelf one because the turbine v-band inlet is male instead of female. So the normal v-band flange won't work with this. I was just gonna have the turbine inlet machined to match the v-band flange but I found a .85 housing for like $270. Also, this one like mine is most likely drilled for the speed sensor in the compressor housing. Mine was also safety wired on the turbine housing bolts.

This is what I wanted also because I like my BOV and wastegate. I have about $1100 into mine including purchasing the install kit from Full Race and I'm happy with it.
I'd be interested to see a BW part number for a v band .64 housing. with or without WG.
SOLD.....$600 ( <font color=blue>LINK</font> ). Smile <font color=green>
I was set to 459.99 on my bid sniper lol

It was relisted
I saw the relisting, wonder why- buyer back out or other issue. Sold for $600 before the relisting.
Likely just skirting eBay listing fees. It's free to relist if it "didn't" sell aka the sale took place outside eBay. Not anywhere close to free to sell a second one identical to the first.
I really love ebay, but my biggest frustration is the ability of buyers to just not pay. If you only have one of your item for sale, it's tied up for a few days before you can relist it.
Ebay pretty much has the seller by the berries, I sold a few items on there years ago and to me, it wasn't worth the hassle for someone not looking to run a business.

Even the guys in business don't like using ebay lol.
Contacted the seller, he said the winning bidder was a fake offshore ebay account- cancelled sale and relisted. Now at $305 with 3 days left.
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