Full Version: t-bird ic/clutch & stuff
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Ford motorsport intercooler fits 83-86 t-bird, not sure about other applications $150.00 shipped

Spec. stage II clutch/pressure plate (less than 50 miles) $125.00 shipped

Comp. cams 990 valve springs never used/installed $75.00 shipped

Head studs $100.00 shipped

cometic head gasket new in package 3.83(97mm) .040 $50.00 obo (cm-c5369-040)
WOW.....does that "Ford Motorsports" IC include the tubing, mounting brkts, hoses, clamps, etc.? IOW, the whole kit? :eek:
yep! cooler,tubing, mounting bracket(s), couplers, bypass valve...not clamps. I bought stingers and won't be using this one, so maybe someone else can
I don't personally need it, Scott - but, AFAIK, those are somewhat rare and are coveted by the "purists". GLWS!! :thumbup:
If that Intercooler kit is still available, I'll take it

Good deal on a front mount setup!
Spoon, yep still have the intercooler and yours if ya want it.
everything else is obo......
Hate to resurrect a dead thread but I can't help wondering if the sale on that front mount went through...if not I will gladly take it off your hands!
Yes the intercooler has been sold, thanks
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