Full Version: Selling off some extra svo 2.3 stuff
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Stock inter coolers svo an t-bird 15 each
Stock pcm for 2.3 turbo various ones 60 each
Will get the numbers up tomorrow think I have LB1 an 2 and PE and others
Still getting stuff together so will post
Extra lower a upper rear spoilers will get prices an pics up
HAve you introduced yourself in the BS lounge ? Billy here , just asking .
Billy :cheers: :burnout:
I'll take any original (not rebuilt/reflashed) Ford PE computers that you've got for $60 each. raycasner@gmail.com :cheers: <font color=navy>
Which Pimp is it?
No I have not done the BS lounge yet
Pimp is a version 1.2
Pending sale on pimp
Interested in the pimp . I am local With cash..
Picked up a wrecked 86 svo this past week will be adding parts to this thread, email with questions to Jeff.dover@dentwizard.com. Thanks
Interested in the rear hatch glass and trim parts.
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