Full Version: 7.5 Diff Gears & Trac-Lock ("Posi") Case
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I've had 'em sitting in a bucket for probably 20-25 years! :eek: They were removed from a dealership-customer's Mustang GT who wanted lower (numerically higher) gears. They're not pretty (very light "oil-holding" Smile surface rust), but I wouldn't hesitate to put 'em in my own car after a quick cleanup.

Anyway, the gearset is 3.08, which is probably not all that desirable for many, BUT.....who knows?? OTOH, the complete limited-slip case is probably more desirable, since it's the better (less prone to failure) 2nd-gen version with clutches, as opposed to "cones".

The whole bucket-o-parts (case w/good "matched" bearings & races, gearset, ring-gear bolts and companion flange) can be yours for the ridiculously-low price of only $50 (fitty bux). You pay shipping, which will probably be close to - if not more than - the price of the parts. I'll consider separating, which might also save on the shipping cost (gearset would fit in a Priority Mail "Flat-Rate" box). I can send pics.

TTFN ~ Ray
LOL.....no takers, eh? If not, I guess I'll try putting 'em on eBay. I'm pretty sure the whole enchilada will fit in a medium flat-rate box and ship for $15-20(?) anywhere in the CONUS ($70-ish total).

I woulda thought someone might at least want the (complete) limited-slip case that was sourced from a 1st-gen 5.0 Mustang GT. I haven't tried, but the case alone should fit in a smaller regional "A" flat-rate box. Either way, I'll let it go for $50 shipped. Such a deal!! Smile <font color=navy>
Price drop.....$70 shipped for the whole enchilada OR $45 shipped for the 5.0 GT limited-slip case! :cheers: <font color=green>
It has been a long time since you posted this. Do you still have the case? PM me if you do, thanks, Ron.
Nope........SORRY, Ron! The case was sold several months ago and I wound up refunding $20 after realizing that the spider-gear shaft and lock pin were both missing. THANX for the reminder, however, since I forgot to donate to TF for the sale ($25 net). [Image: duh.gif]