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What times are you running with what weights, mods, what engine, IC, all of the good info would be appreciated. Anyone around Cincinnati? Pictures.


'94 Turbo Ranger Splash, '88 TC engine. 15.56 best run. Cincinnati, OH. UC Engineering. GE Aircraft Engines
I have a 96 ranger, engine from 86 Merkur. I am running the LA3 computer, big VAM, hybrid turbo, TC IC, semi-ported E6, 2.5" open exhaust, running 15 psi. My truck weighs around 3600 pounds. I only have times from one day and my truck wasnt running that well. I ran 16.6 @ 83 mph. The track is 6000 ft above sea. now that the truck is running better they close the track for the season. I guess that gives me some time to get the new IC built for next year.

pics are here: http://www.users.qwest.net/~tbj5/pics.htm

1996 Turbo Ranger
(I leave the Merkur and the Ranger alone in the garage for 5 minutes and look what happens!)
looks good, wheres everybody else!

What is a good way to post pics?

'94 Turbo Ranger Splash, '88 TC engine. 15.56 best run. Cincinnati, OH. UC Engineering. GE Aircraft Engines
'86 Ranger shortbed, with no power anything. '86 Merkur transplant, total rebuild. Current mods are 3" DP, K&N on the VAM, TC IC with a slimline fan for cooling, A237 cam, 3.73 gears, boost set at 17 lbs. No track times yet.

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86 short bed. No power anything. 88 TC motor totaly stock other than Ranger roller cam and Merkur turbo. 88TC intercooler in stock location. C-4 trans stock torque converter. 4.10 gear in stock 7.5 axle. ET street tires best time to date 1/8 mile 8.18 @ 82 MPH. Ran 1/4 back in summer 13.38 @ 98MPH. 25 PSI. 2355 pounds less driver. Bruce


I don't have any track times yet. The truck weighs 3250 and is the long bed. Pics soon.
here's my sig:

87 Ranger XLT 4x4
88 TC motor, Large Vam, 36 lb. injectors, 3 in. dp, 15 psi, K&N, RR cam, 2 1/2 in. Rancho Susp. lift w/ 10" extended radius arms, 3 in. body lift, 4.10 gears, Lock-rite in rear, 32 x 11 Super Swamper TSL's,roll bar, w/ KC lites,new paint.
future mods:
volvo front-mount(that I have and keep putting off, fuel pump, adjustable fpr and cam, and nitrous in that order.

And kids don't forget,
Just say no to rice.
Quote:Originally posted by b.edwards:
...2355 pounds less driver.

Bruce - Have you done anything to lighten the truck? That seems really light! (is yours one of those rangers with a factory plastic/composite bed?) [Image: smile.gif]

C'ya - RAY

Former 2.3T courier (blow-thru carbed) & soon turbo ranger
What you SHOULD do is do an all wheel drive conversion! Find a wrecked Navigator someplace, steal the all wheel drive transfer case...
Forgot to mention my daily commute is a 92
Ranger long bed,5-speed, 3.73 open carrier,
totally stock 88TC motor. I have put 40,000 miles on since transplant . I love it. Drove this truck 133,000 with 90 horse, now it has 190. Ran 9.80 1/8 when I first got it together. I only wanted to see what it would do, didn't run it any more 'cause I need to keep it together for transportation.
A friend of mine was so impressed with my driver he decided he wanted one too.
This is the 86 I refered to in my earlier reply.
It is a Ranger S. This was a stripped down model the factory offered. 2.0 carb, 5- speed , no extras, rubber floor mat, no headliner, no power brakes or steering.
I put this truck together with junk we had laying around. I have been amazed at its performance.
The weight really shocked me. 2355 with no rear bumper, or fuel tank. We put a fuel cell in it.
I thought it was light but 2355 with all equipment surprized me.
Now my friend has decided to try and lighten it. He has removed wipers, heater box and etc...
He wants in the 7's with the stock motor.
It has steel bed, cab, fenders, hood

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