Full Version: I think I found the power spikes on my dyno run.
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I was driving my car today and floored it in fifth and oops the revs went up but no speedy upy [Image: smile.gif] Got a big whiff of burning clutch. Yahoo, now I need to get a clutch in this thing. I think my clutch must have been slipping durring the run last night, so that would explain the big dips in hp during the run.

My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe with a GN intercooler, dawes device set at 22psi of boost,K&N cone,fully ported e-6 manifold,gutted and ported intake, ported stock valve head, Ranger cam set -2 deg, and Full 3" exhaust with 3" magnaflow, 190 pump, a TRI AX shifter,Madhatter clutch quadrant,Racer walsh adjusatble cam pulley large VAM, LA3, brown tops, and 88 TC wheels. Next mods, boxed control arms, Subframe connectors, 3.73 8.8 rear,Larger front brakes, and poly bushings. Then i have no ideaSmile
has run a best of 14.71 at 92mph on drag radials. New times with GN intercooler, LA3, brown tops!!!! 14.9 at 96mph on my street tires.
New times with head ,e6 and ported intake, 100 race fuel, and 28psi 13.83 at 103mph!
Quote:Originally posted by sctur601:
...the revs went up but no speedy upy [Image: smile.gif] Got a big whiff of burning clutch.

LMAO - Yeah, that'd definitely put a crimp on yer RWHP! [Image: smile.gif]

C'ya - RAY

Former 2.3T courier (blow-thru carbed) & soon turbo ranger
lol...fun one to figure out, huh? My 351W had a power loss you could feel by the seat of your pants meter. Always occurs about 5100rpm which happens to be where it also makes it's 365 peak hp.

After it did it about 5 times, I finally caught a very slight jump in rpm at the same time. Still haven't opened it up to replace the clutch though.
Put a new clutch in and take it back to the dyno, your last run might have been a direct result of the bad clutch, you could be hiding a few extra ponies in there.
sctur601(shawn), where in the valley did you take your car and did they just put it on the dyno or did thet "tune" it a bit as well. i'd like to take my car there since you seem happy with the shop. thx. jay
Hi Jay. Its a new place thats called Crowleys in Gold Canyon. Its basically in A big Garage behind this guys house. He should be oficially open after the first of the year. My friend is freinds with dyno operator so I might be able to get a discount.