Full Version: pop from the rear axle
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I was driving my car a little earlier, got on it and heard a loud pop come from the rear end. When I hit the breaks it poped again. When I got home If I pushed the car from side to side I got the same pop noise. It used to just be a little thud nose (normal). Now its loud. I checked the u-joints they are ok, Checked the wheels and are tight. Is the stock rear finally giving out? Maybe bearings? It really doesnt matter as I have a good 3.73 8.8 and a good 3.55 8.8 to swap in. Just dont want to see my tire passing me going down the road. [Image: smile.gif]
Thanks guys

My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe with a GN intercooler, dawes device set at 22psi of boost,K&N cone,fully ported e-6 manifold,gutted and ported intake, ported stock valve head, Ranger cam set -2 deg, and Full 3" exhaust with 3" magnaflow, 190 pump, a TRI AX shifter,Madhatter clutch quadrant,Racer walsh adjusatble cam pulley large VAM, LA3, brown tops, and 88 TC wheels. Next mods, boxed control arms, Subframe connectors, 3.73 8.8 rear,Larger front brakes, and poly bushings. Then i have no ideaSmile
has run a best of 14.71 at 92mph on drag radials. New times with GN intercooler, LA3, brown tops!!!! 14.9 at 96mph on my street tires.
New times with head ,e6 and ported intake, 100 race fuel, and 28psi 13.83 at 103mph!
Bearings usually make a rumbling noise.Pick up the rear & poke around.Could be control arm bushings? A lift would be nice.