Full Version: Awesome changes in the Wheel market!
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Many of us have lamented about the problem finding products made in the USA, as it seems every time a manufacturer becomes established, they sell to a company who then moves offshore...Even the "HIGH END" companies sell their "Name" only to have their products made by slave labor..(think Chip Foose...etc). American manufacturers like Circle Wheels have closed their doors because they had problems competing.

US Mags was a US based company who did just that. In 1988, the Hale family sold the company and the wheels were then made in China... Angry 
The good news( though it may be old to some of you), is that Art Hale Jr bought back US Mags in 2010, and they are now made IN THE USA! Check out their extensive line of wheels that includes some remarkable new designs to compliment the continuation of their original wheels like the "Bonneville", and "US Indy" mags.

Another US company making wheels here is Real Rodders Wheels. They make some AWESOME old school style wheels including the repro of the Halibrand 5-spoke used on Studebaker Avantis( widened to 6" for our modern tire choices).

All this is GREAT news IMO, as it shows that the market really does want to support our country's( AND CANADA'S) unbelievably talented entrepreneurs and inventors!

I hope all of us consider WHERE things are made as we decide what to buy! As a retired construction worker, I always pointed out to my co-workers that we never export roads! If we want others to support us by buying our product, we must try to buy THEIR product! Big Grin

American Rebel is another
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