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I'm having trouble sourcing some SVO rear brake calipers.  Everyone says they are no longer available, so I pieced together all of the parts to rebuild them from Rockauto.  Fortunately I don't have anything wrong with the parking brakes at this time, so I should be good for now.  I just wonder what I will have to do if something goes wrong with the parking brake portion of the caliper.  

Has anyone else been able to source them recently?  I tried, Rockauto, Autozone, Advance Auto Parts and NAPA.  They all showed them online, but when I went to put them in cart I would get message stating they are not available.  When returning to shopping the calipers would not show up anymore.
Michael, have you tried looking for '83-'84 Lincoln calipers? That's where the SVO group sourced the calipers from.
I tried 88 Lincoln Mark VII, which had the same part number but get the same results. They show available until I try to put them in cart. I assume the search features are based on part numbers, regardless of the vehicle model.

When I tried the 83 Lincoln Continental, those were available on RockAuto. They appear to be the same, but the part numbers are different. I also noticed that the 82-83 have the same part number (but different from SVO part number), 84 and up have the same part number as the SVO. I'm not sure what the difference would be between them, but they are a different part number.

I found a reman right rear on Ebay for a reasonable price and an unreasonably priced left rear, but those are the only ones I could find. I tried an O'riellys eventhough the closest one is about 2-3 hours away, just hoping one of their stores had some sitting on a shelf somewhere and I could get them shipped, but they didn't show any either.

I went to Advance Auto, Autozone and Napa since I had previously only looked online and they're all close to me. They all said the same thing, no stock at the suppliers.
I ordered one of the 82-83 left rear calipers to check it out.  I figured it's cheap enough to check it out, less than $25 with shipping.
(02-12-2021, 09:44 PM)Michael F Wrote: [ -> ]I ordered one of the 82-83 left rear calipers to check it out.  
From eBay or R/A?  <shrug>  If R/A......hopefully you used the TurboFord promotional discount code.
I got it from RockAuto, the code listed in their post expired October of last year....so, no I did not use the discount code.
LINK.......for future reference, however, a 5% R/A discount code is ALWAYS available at "Retailmenot", Michael. Unfortunately, the TF members' discount I linked isn't any deeper than that, lol.  <shrug>
Michael F Wrote:I ordered one of the 82-83 left rear calipers to check it out.  I figured it's cheap enough to check it out, less than $25 with shipping.

Michael, I seem to remember something about the brake hose threads. One might be metric and one SAE, that would explain the different part numbers. I'm not sure about this, it's been a looong time (~2001) since I messed with these.
The threads would be the first thing to check when you get the caliper. Please post your findings so I can know if my memory is ok or I'm losing it...lol
(02-18-2021, 05:45 AM)Paul LeDuc Wrote: [ -> ]Please post your findings so I can know if my memory is ok or I'm losing it...lol
We all know you're losing "it", Paul........regardless of Michael's findings!  As someone once told me........it's time for your daily dose of Geritol.  <stickpoke>
 [Image: il_794xN.2911622557_qxld.jpg]
I got all of my parts in to replace the front and rear brakes. I started with the fronts, got the driver's side done and went to the passenger side, but the box for the passenger side had a driver's side caliper in it. I returned it to the store and another one was delivered to the store Sunday, so the fronts have new rotors, pads, calipers and hoses.

I then started on the rears, that's when I found out I had to remove the lower shock bolt to access the hose bracket mounting bolts. Fortunately I had planned to replace the shocks at some point and had some on hand, so went ahead and did that. I couldn't get the bolts out of the hose brackets though, so I've sprayed them with PB and will do so throughout the week and hopefully they will come out this weekend.

I kept the bolt from incorrect front caliper and tried in the rear caliper (I figured why not for my troubles lol), which it threaded in fine. So it seems that it may work. I have not noticed any visual difference between the current caliper and the 82/83 caliper, but will update after next weekend.
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