Full Version: Need info on performance 2.3 turbo parts and where to get them
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Hi I have 87 turbo coupe. It's been sitting in storage for years. I need some parts to get it running again but I want to set it to race it.  Looking for a bigger exhaust  downpipe for the car, Thinking 3" as I have a 3" flowmaster  I can use with it. If I did 3" I'd need a way to make the turbo exhaust housing opening 3" also but not sure if that's possible, a good  front mounted intercooler, tubing ideas for running running to and from intercooler, a new oil feed line to the turbo.    I would also like to know if water injection is a good idea on these cars as I have system I could use. I was told that water injection chips the front edges of the turbo impeller.
Any advice you can give on these parts and where to get them would be great. Thanks Tim
Stinger Performance sells virtually all the parts you mentioned, including a 3" DP elbow for the turbo. They have an ad here on the TF homepage that links to the company. As for water/alky injection, I've also "heard" that the compressor wheel sustains minor damage over time, but DUNNO. You'd only be injecting the mixture at WOT, so I think it would take a long time to see any noticeable damage. 

Preemptively, you could inject downstream from the turbo. ..  Unless you're using a W/S washer pump.....most dedicated water/alky pumps put out way more pressure than the average max boost level, AND I've read that it works best with individual port nozzles anyway. If you're worried about insufficient nozzle pressure, AND if you have a strong enough reservoir, you could pressurize it with boost to ensure that you always maintain the same "delta" pres.  <shrug>
In addition to what Ray says. If you talk to Stinger or Bo (good guys to talk to that can help with build and recommendations and sell you parts ) or any of the go fast guys, couple things will help is for them to understand what your long terms goals are .
Drive-ability - will it be a daily driver.
HP - what number you are looking.
What fuel management system you have now or system to control water/meth - if not what are you looking to do, do you want something like a PIMP that can control everything ?
Drag or street type racing etc. and how much you are looking to invest.
Go here, if these guys don't have it you don't need it LOL !