Full Version: Pinto 4 speed to TC 5 speed crossmember adaptor ?
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Help please.
I cant find the threads or information on the little extension 1/4 adaptor plate to extend the crossmember out a little for the TC 5 speed ...so it can work on the stock pinto trans crossmember.
I thought "stinger" had the little plate available to buy , but no luck finder it in the shop.

All help very appreciated in advance.
This is a link to a thread covering using a modified Pinto cross member.
Thanks Jerry J
Very appreciated.
I actually haven't seen this solution for the modification.
Looks way better then the other version where a 1/4 plate is used.
All I had to do was elongate the crossmember bolt hole. I'm not sure if it would be different with a '74-80 where the 2.3 mounts are already on the frame.