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dyno test - a-turbo - 06-24-2005

RE: dyno test - Tyler A. - 06-24-2005

Maybe do a search on how to adjust the vam. Also set the tps, that might cause a lean problem, but i'm not sure.

RE: dyno test - Dr_EluSivE - 06-24-2005

you have a model A with a 2.3T??? This i have got to see. Pics!!!!


RE: dyno test - Turbo Raccoon - 06-24-2005

i want to see that also.

RE: dyno test - Dolphin1 - 06-25-2005

what was considered to be lean,for as rich as these engines run it would help to know this.

150 whp isnt too bad,sounds a little low.might need a little tuning.

RE: dyno test - 67baja - 06-25-2005

What was your fp at idle with the vacuum line off the reg? Should be 39# I believe.