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I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - SANDFREAK - 10-25-2001

Turbo Rail, I have installed a 2.3 turbo into my Dads buggy, and I am going to start wiring mine this weekend. I just installed the motor last weekend. I have done a couple dozen Ford EFI swaps, and am fairly confident. I would be glad to help. I am even going as far as to build my harness from scratch. I have gotten all the plugs, and bare pins, so this will be fun! Let me know if I can help! Derek [Image: biggrin.gif]

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - DrPhang - 10-25-2001

Wow that must be fast! good work man

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - Noname - 10-25-2001

You have no idea how excited I am about getting some good info from someone who really has done this swap. I have all of the stuff laying in the garage but I am afraid I am going to get myself into a total nightmare trying to make it all work right. This Holley carb sure sucks at the dunes. It wants to flood out over any rough stuff. I dont even want to go back to the dunes until I get the fuel injection installed. My biggest question is if I hook up just the bare essintials to the computer and nothing else will it work right. Can I just leave all of the pins that would be hooked up in the car open? I really dont know where to start. I thought maybe I could just get a wiring diagram and hook up the essintials such as the TFI distributer, injectors, VAM, TPS, OXYGEN sensor, ECT. Seems like there are a couple other vital sensors but I cant remember what they are. Anyways if I hook just these vital sensors and power and ground to the computer with a high pressure pump going to the fuel rail with a return then will it all work? There will be alot of pins on the computer that I will not use. WIll it work if I just leave the terminals open. I am afraid the computer will have fits if there is not certain resistance or voltages on certain terminals. I really have no idea. I would be so happy if you can help me. You can email me at scott@peakonline.com I would be very interested in talking to you. Thank you so much, Scott

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - Mike Malone - 10-25-2001

My roomate just fired his 2.3T motor up in his rail last night for the first time. Its an 88TC motor, using VW bus tranny (IRS), running and SDS (Simple Digital Systems) computer. Its been a long project, he's stoked though and I'm happy for him, well deserved pay for a helluva lotta work. He's on this board somewhere but I don't know his user name. Congrats Forest!

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RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - Turbobuggy - 12-02-2001

I sent you an e-mail. I also have a 2.3 in a buggy. I am in the San Diego area.

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - rickibrat2 - 12-03-2001

What changes do i need to make to wiring in order to run MSD6AL with Msd distribitor
have total wiring system with all needed part but the EGR


RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - tbirdstud86 - 12-03-2001

I'm thinking ahead, wanting to put something like a rail together @ some point... 2.3 powered most likely. What are some common, easy to bolt on transaxles that would work well?

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - rickibrat2 - 12-03-2001

I am using a transaxle out of a bus type 091 axle or sometims called a 5 rib I think.

Only thing about using a bus transaxle, you have to shorten the axles and you should replace the stock car type stub axle with built up axles that except the larger bolt pattern of the bus.

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - Pat D. - 12-04-2001

Mid engine or rear engine???

(i)Fibre Tec( old one) sandrail, mid engine 2.3 83 TC. Totally rebuilt, dial a boost, unrestrictive 12" X 2 3/4" exhaust, new stock Turbo, KN Cone 7", 87 IC, Bosch valve, Polished alum lt.wgt.wheels total weight around 1,000#'s with 2 seats and you don't want to ride in the passenger one!! LMAO!!!Beefed up VDub transaxle....cost?????about 7 bucks a pound and 3 crushed toes.....ouch!!! and I did all the work myself, with lots of help from the forum!(/i)

RE: I have done a 2.3 into a buggy! - tbirdstud86 - 12-04-2001

probably mid... but I don't have anything figured out yet... what do you guys think would be easiest?