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Try'n to learn new things - lonchair - 12-05-2001

What exactly is an EEC Tuner? What can you controle with it? Does it replace the cars computer, run thru a chip, or fit between the wire harnes and computer? Does it run thru a laptop (pc, mac or both)? Is it always hooked up to the car or only when you make changes? At what level of performance is one needed? What kind of computer knowledge is needed to operate one? Are there any good, informative websites or books?

Hope these questions arn't too basic, but I don't know next to nothing about them.

1985.5 SVO

RE: Try'n to learn new things - RS450 - 12-05-2001

The EEC Tuner is an electronic device that connects to the PCM and allows the user to change calibration data. The calibration data includes things like fuel mixture, timing, injector size, air meter, rev limit, and many more tuning parameters set up at the factory. What you can change depends on the type of processor you have and the support that is currently provided in the EEC Tuner software. In a general sense, the EEC Tuner can change any data in the EEC-IV address map
The EEC Tuner is similar to other aftermarket "chips" or "CalPaks" in that it functions like an external ROM attached to the Electronic Engine Control module (EEC). The EEC Tuner goes beyond conventional aftermarket chips by allowing the user to reload calibration data without removing a ROM or removing the EEC Tuner board itself. Simply connect the EEC Tuner to a laptop computer and enter your new calibration modifications!

The EEC Tuner kit comes with an AC-DC adaptor that allows you to download modifications to the EEC Tuner board from your home desktop computer if you do not have a laptop. The power supply is used to power the EEC Tuner board when it is not connected to your vehicles EEC. Connect the power supply and serial cable, download your modifications from your home desktop computer system, then disconnect the power adapter and install the tuner in your vehicle. Modifications that are downloaded to the EEC Tuner are stored in EPROM. They stay there even after power is disconnected. Note that this also means that modifications are not cleared when the battery is disconnected on the vehicle.

Software web site WWW.pcmx.net\pcmx
EEC Tuner home page www.eec-tuner.com

RE: Try'n to learn new things - lonchair - 12-05-2001

One last question, If an EEC Tuner is installed, can you uninstall it and go back to stock?

Thanks for the info and the websites. Let the education begin.

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RE: Try'n to learn new things - RS450 - 12-06-2001


RE: Try'n to learn new things - lonchair - 12-07-2001

I bought the new MM&FF and it has an article over the EEC Tuner. Good article that explained the basics.