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SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - xr7boost - 01-04-2002

I know they are both 7.5, and the SVO is a 5 lug, the cougar is a 4 lug, but what would you have to do to get a SVO rear end to behave in the ass of a Cougar? I've never heard of anyone doing this, there's probably some little thing different...length maybe?

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RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - biscuitninja - 01-04-2002

The SVO rear is a little bit longer (few inches 1-2??). My feeling is to just go and get a 8.8". It is much stronger, easier to bolt in, you have about 90 million parts of suspension that are CHEAP. SVO rears are rare, expensive, not exactly a direct bolt in if you don't have rear disc to begin with.
With the 8.8" you can get 4 bolt, 5 bolt, drum or disc with whatever gear choice you hear fancies. You could almost order it direct from some part suppliers....

RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - GT350R - 01-04-2002

The SVO rear is not the longer one. The 87-88 TC one is.

Go for a 87-88 TC rear. They fit just fine and they are an 8.8 with 4 lug. Very easy swap and you can have either 3.55's or 3.73's (55's from a stick and 73's from an auto)

I put one in my 84 GT and I did not even have to change the master cylinder. I just had to use the brake line that runs the length of the old axle and I had to cut the ends and reflare them to fit the TC's barke lines. Really easy stuff. The odd part will be hooking up the E brake cables. On you car the 87-88 TC cables should work but check with the guys at NATO.

If you decide to upgarde the front brakes too, then the 84-86 SVO master cylinder (16-18 bucks) should do the job nicely.

RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - Mike Malone - 01-04-2002

Ahhh... GT350R I beg to differ. I'd wager that the track width from axel flange to flange for the TC and SVO are the same. They are both 1.5" wider than their drum brake counterparts. The difference in lenght is not in the rear end housing, its the axles, 4 lug & 5 lug respectively. There is nothing special about the SVO rear end housing, all the pick up points are the same as their 8.8 mustang counter parts. They were just 7.5 rear and came with 3.45's or 3.73's.

XR7boost, if you want disc rears, go with the 87-89 lincoln mark vii setup. It is an 8.8 rear (way better than the 7.5 imho) and it has the larger disc setup (same discs as the svo & larger than the TC btw). The lincolns were autos too, so they'll have favorable gear ratio's 3.27/3.55/3.73. It will require upgrading to the 5 lug setup. If ya wanna stay with the 4 lug setup, go with the TC. The gear ratios & brake line issue GT350r mentioned are valid.

Your track width will increase by 1.5 total in either case. I may be wrong but methinks not. Tongue

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RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - DougMorris - 01-04-2002

i've just gotta weigh in here. first of all, what year Cougar is this? i'm not a 'bird/cat guy, so is there a width difference between the early (83-86) and later (87-8) TC's? the bird and SN95 mustang axles are .75" longer than the ordinary fox3 mustangs, yielding a 1.5" greater width. the SVO mustang rear is 2.5" wider than the regular mustang to compensate for the dramatic backspacing of the wheels (5.65").

RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - Turboalpine - 01-04-2002

I have a Mustang 8.8 with 3.73 gears and a traction lock with extra clutch discs installed for sale. It has all the SVO brakes and axles in it ready to bolt in. The pads and cross drilled rotors are literally brand new. I am also very close to you in southern, CA. I am asking 350.00 for the whole thing ready to bolt in.


RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - Randy - 01-04-2002

Yep, Doug is absolutely correct. I found out all this neat stuff when I did the mark7 rear disk swap on my mustang.


RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - Chuck W - 01-04-2002

DougMorris is right on the widths with the SVO/Lincoln being the widest. I have a rear axle from an SVO the back of the Pseudo-Coupe with some 95 Cobra wheels on it...there is plently of room to fit more, and if you have the SVO rear end and aren't launching the car w/ slicks the 7.5 should suit you fine. However, if you spend alot of time running down the 1440...you should run the 8.8. An interesting note..some early 7.5's were fitted w/the Auburn differential instead of the Ford Traction-Loc.....like my XR7 [Image: smile.gif] nice surprise when i installed the 3.73's

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RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - Mike Malone - 01-04-2002

[Image: redface.gif] *As I bow my head in shame*

I apologize for my mis-information on the SVO track width. I will have to consult my bible at home tonight.

I was also trying to find info here: http://members.home.net/mjbobbitt/mustang/brakes.html
but I kept getting errors. It was quite the resource when it was working.


RE: SVO rear end swap into a Cougar??? - GT350R - 01-05-2002

I guess that kills my plans to find some caliper brakets from an SVO to pull my wheels in a little. I know the ABS exciter rings are why the 87-88 TC rears are so much wider , but what makes the SVO rear even wider that that?

Either way , like I said, go for the 87-88 Tc rear.