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Surge at idle. - Codeman - 01-25-2002

My '86 Turbo Coupe surges at idle, goes anywhere from 800rpm to 1200 rpm. What do I need to look for/ adjust? It does it only when warm.

RE: Surge at idle. - B00stedBird - 01-25-2002

sounds like an IAC valve.

RE: Surge at idle. - Codeman - 01-25-2002

Tell me more, what is this valve?

RE: Surge at idle. - svobud - 01-25-2002

Idle Air Control valve - usually cleaning it will solve the problem ....or you may need to re adjust/replace your TPS (throttle position sensor)

RE: Surge at idle. - Evilgt - 01-25-2002

nine times out of ten on the 5.0 car its the IAC. clean it out like mentioned before with some carb cleaner. this has fixed every five litre car i've owned... pretty sure the IAC works and doese the exact same thing both 2.3 and 5.0 cars......

RE: Surge at idle. - Wolf2600 - 01-25-2002

Also check and make sure your orange O2 sensor ground wire is getting a good connection to the bolt on the turbo's inlet airhorn.


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RE: Surge at idle. - GT350R - 01-25-2002

Could also be the TPS. Check out the article on NATO on how to clean teh IAC and set the TPS.

RE: Surge at idle. - Codeman - 01-25-2002

Thank you guys I will check the IAC and TPS tommorrow. The ground is good on my O2 sensor.