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Pro1 (SOLD) - Ductape - 04-10-2020


      For sale: Baseline instant center pro1 $200, fits all foxbodies with an 8.8, cleaned and redone in-house, removed from my car, to install torque arm and panhard bar. Pick-up locally (Newport News, Va) or ship for $25 added.

Also for sale in local car forum, first come first served.

RE: Pro1 - drew85gt - 04-11-2020

Sending PM

RE: Pro1 - Ductape - 04-11-2020

Sale pending, to drew85gt

RE: Pro1 (SOLD) - Ductape - 04-12-2020


RE: Pro1 (SOLD) - Ductape - 04-13-2020

Shipped, tracking sent in PM