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53K original miles on an 85.5 SVO. My 84 might be in the running for highest miles. I think it rolled 200K sometime back in the 90s from the info I got on a Car Fax.
Stinger, I've been out of the loop for awhile. Do you still make your stock location header?
Does he work at Nissan too? One of my roommates from college is a designer with Nissan. He was the interior designer on the new Titan pickup and designed the Nissan Basecamp trailer.
Pikesan, Your site is very cool. I like the design. Your partner Napalm is an iIndustrial Designer, cool. me too. -Lon
Paul, Send me a PM or email. I'm a designer by profession and willing to help out where I can. I am pretty versed in use Adobe CS3 (Illustrator 13, Photoshop 10, Indesign 5) -Lon
Try an import shop. They are familure with 4 bangers and I've seen lots that do very nice work. All the "mustang" specialty shops I've ever taken my SVO to look at it, scratch their head and get a r...
Hey, where'd you get a photo of my car!?!? Nice looking car. We are twins, right down to the wheels.
Quote: -- Originally posted by xr4x4ti: Quote: -- With the small main journal, you can use the crank out of a 2.5 Ranger engine and the blocks actualy have more material around the bottom of the ...
If you want to build a 2.5, then use a late model, small journal block thru 1994. With the small main journal, you can use the crank out of a 2.5 Ranger engine and the blocks actualy have more materi...
Well now that you got it running, you'll have tige me a ride in it this weekend
Just got my marker lights in the mail last week. The reproductions look just like my NOS ones. Nice job.
First off-I belive you posted this in the wrong forum. This should probably be in the general bs/off topic area. Now to your question. There was one on ebay awhile back. Other than that good luck ...
I was under the impression that one recirculates air and the other did not. I was also under the impression that a metered air intake system need to have a closed system with a recirculating type of ...
Is it an EXACT duplicate of the SVO bottle? I had heard that the T-Coupe overflow bottle is close to the SVO, but not an exact match.
I was looking at the same valve, just on an Audi site.
Do you mean the Idle Air Motor/Bypass? If so, I've run both the 2.3 style Idle Air and the later style Idle Air from the 94-95 throttle body on the 94-95 throttlebody installed on my car. I notice...
don't know what to tell ya. I pulled a return line off an 87 T-Coupe with an IHI and put it on my stock T3 in my SVO. Maybe the car I pulled it off of had been modified sometime in it's life? Or I w...
Quote: -- Originally posted by toprunner: When I upgraded my 87TC the original return line matched up perfect on the T3. -- Every one I've seen in the junkyards are the same, no matter IHI or T3. ...
I've only delt with Mike once, but he was quite patient put up with my slowness in sending funds. I got my items as described. Lon
I got an SVO Gauge Cluster from Troy. It was actualy in better condition than described. Shipping was a bit slow ('cause of life issues), but he kept in contact and I got my item as promised. Later...