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lets see...my turboford (78 Mustang II) is going on 10 years as a garage queen. Early winter this year: Completely removed all original wiring from the car. Completed MS3 wiring harness and bench...
Late 90's I bumped into a cheap 4cyl Mustang II with T-Tops and a dead cylinder. I knew of Joe Morgan's Pinto, had been around a few 4cyl turbos, knew of TurboFord, and was broke so I knew what had t...
Did I just overlook it, or what's been done to compensate for the 42lb/hr injectors?
Quote: -- Originally posted by CoupeLX: blow through seems to be a relatively new idea. -- My buddies '74 Capri has a blow-trough carbed twin turbo V6 that was built in '77...just saying since sarc...
I'd be a little disappointed in that ... 10 years ago when I actually had a running 2.3L turbo, I pulled 174rwhp and 210rwtq with a PC1 computer, no intercooler, 2.25" single exhaust, stock T03, and 1...
Can't wait to hear some feedback on the 2011 ... I'm seriously considering swapping my 2005 for a 2011. Kinda want to wait for direct injection and displacement on demand though.
My pump/tank fittings were cut out of a t-bird tank and grafted into my Mustang II tank. So these are the right fitting or the t-bird, and I'd be surprised if they aren't right for the Mustang. If I...
The ones I listed are attached to my fuel tank as I type. I just finally installed the whole fuel lines last weekend. I have the Russell fittings at the fuel rail as well. The fittings I listed are...
geeeezzz...I'm a computer geek/techy and have been zooming in/out like that for years ... AND!! NEVER knew I could hit CTRL-0 to reset the size nor did I even notice the zoom % in the lower right. ...
yes, took 7 years of looking/waiting, but they finally appeared. Russel RUS-640853 3/8" TO 6AN BLACK http://www.summitracing.com/parts/RUS-640853/ AND RUS-640863 ...
My experience with a 6A box on a 2.3L was that it amplified or added to idle problems that were already there. It did fix the spark "blowing out" without having to tighten the gap on plugs though.
I always thought fpr diaphragm failure was pretty obvious when it'd spray a nice solid stream of fuel out the vacuum nipple. I ran a stock regulator with a 255lph pump for quite some time. The origi...
My N/A 351W does it on shifts ... pretty sure mine does it due to extra fuel getting in the pipes when the throttle is shut at high rpm.
I don't remember anyone complaining about prices on Rod's headers, and his looked great and were made with quality material that would last. Seem to remember >$600 for a unequal length stock mount he...
I've seen some large cracks in a pair of pretty blue rotors ... but they were the stock 9.5" Mustang II rotors, with gear oil leaking into both rear drums, while I lived within 1/2 hour of some really...
APE's site is actually probably what I was thinking of ... been 6 years since the last time I bought a Walbro pump, and I'm pretty sure I bought from APE.
something like this is how I did mine... http://www.steeda.com/products/russell_fuel_rail_fittings.php pretty sure I bought mine from some other vendor, but no idea anymore.
Pretty sure I remember seeing a nice graph of flow @ a specified pressure and the 255HP maintains max flow @ quite a few psi higher than the 255. Both fuel pumps are for EFI and flow ~255lph at 40psi...
spiders. (real cold ones) as I was reminded while clearing a wall so I could start putting sheetrock up.