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Any other ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
First...Thanks, Ray. I guess I should have been more descriptive...I have no heater or blower. no nothin..When I turn the switch I get zip. No blower, heat or other operation. When I bought the car t...
I pulled this little part out of my heater box, I believe it is the resistor. It has two coils and a three prong and single prong connection. I read on the board that this is generally the culprit whe...
Sorry, no ABS on the '85. I'm not sure any of the XRs had ABS. I was thinking it might be some kind of wear sensor :confused:
I finally got the XR to my house so i can play with it at home. Chris Q was nice enough to let me keep it at his house for damn near a year. Anyway, I have an idiot light on the information panel th...
Get ahold of ChrisQ. He is a member. He's also a diesel mechanic. He has all kinds of turbo expertise. In fact I refer to him as DR.Boost his email is amc401cid@yahoo.com.
Good heavens Chris, do you have any idea what time it is? :eek: Isn't it past your bedtime? Is this in the Automatic car? Pat
I run a Kirk Racing 6pt bolt in cage in my 88 5.0 I have it sufficiently padded at all of the critical areas. I agree that hitting the cage can be a disaster, however, the cage is a requirement in mos...
Got the SC radiator and mounting bracket, shopping for the intercooler now. Anyone done this install on a Merkur? I've heard it is a good combo. Just curious how tough it's going to be to install it. ...
Click on "search" at the top of the page and put "PatF" in the search by user box. I asked the same question about a month ago and got several responses and a couple of photos.
Find A product called "Oil Eater". I've used it to clean some incredibly nasty stuff. It works great. You should be able to find it at Wal-mart or your local Schucks/Checkers/Kragen Auot parts store. ...
Hey Chris, I never doubted you buddy, I just wanted to see what the looked like. Maybe someday my car will be as clean as Eric's. Eric, nice ride!! Thanks for posting the picks. I'm definitely going...
I have a set if 88 T/C wheels in the garage, but no T/C. However I do have an XR4Ti. I know the bolt pattern is the same. How about the clearance and whats a good tire size? I was thinking 215/45-16? ...