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I had solid 15 in first and second and then 15 when it got to 4000 RPM in the rest of the gears. The boost comes on quicker now though. And 15 at anytime above 3000.
I installed a boost valve today and I changed the tee on the compessor side to a 1/4 in. hose barb will this hurt anything. I have more boost at the gauge but seat of the pants feels about the same. I...
How much would it cost to have a stock TC throttle body bored to 60MM, and have a larger butterfly made.
You can always take it to the radiator shop and have them boil it out in the hot tank.
I ran the codes and it said that the Knock Sensor was not right. So I took out the knock sensor and tested it and was fine. Would the wire be shorted or is my computer bad. Also pulled the spout conne...
I had the cooling system cleaned last year to make sure the heater would work good in the winter. Went to the shop and hooked up a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and had 32 to 38 fuel pressure w...
My car is stock. It has brown top injectors, Motorcraft sparkplugs, Acell coil, new distributor, Motorcraft plugs. The EGR works when I depress the diaphgram to change the idle. I have driven it up to...
I have a stock 88 TC. It has a new tuneup and a new fuel pump. When I had the tuneup done the timing was set at 4 BTC and changed to 10 BTC. The car pings easily under acceleration and when the air is...
I would think about spending $30.00 and getting some Motorcraft spark plugs. I started with Bosch 8MM, then went with Auto Zone regular wires, then bought a new ACELL coil and spiral plug wires ( dont...