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PA performance has the swap harness
Sounds like a FP issue for sure.
With my 3G I had the same issue. Had the white regulator, not sure what difference that makes as its a pa performance alt. My plug would slip in and out of the reg. Not sure why. Got it snapped in and...
Yes, bought a house, had three girls, started a new job, making better money now, debt free except my house, so its time to start building the 2.3 again. Bigger and better. I am also looking into buil...
Its been quite a while since being on here. Still into the 2.3 and wanting to get back in the game again. I am sure lots have changed and new things have been discovered in the 2.3 world. I got into c...
those china knockoffs are nothing like Rods headers
that happened to me and my followers smacked the lobes making marks and I broke some followers.It does look steep.As long as nothing is hitting or making noise, it should be fine.
The stepper motor ran in and out of a hole.That would be different than a valve that shuttles back on forth.
I just dip them in oil and drop them in.They pump up pretty fast.
I just dip them in oil and drop them in.They pump up pretty fast.
Thats why I went to a 3G alt.Got rid of that crappy OEM charging harness.Most charging issues are connection related.Basics, check basics.
Good to know.I never would have noticed that.Thanks for looking DR BALL
Why are you using TTY bolts on a turbo engine??I say you are over torquing.I have done many engines and heads and never stripped head bolt threads.I have broke head bolts.Why are you using TTY bolts?...
GM uses a stepper motor dont they??Or is that earlier models??
I think I may make a bracket for support as well that bolts to the motor mount and at the same time make me an alternator bracket as well.Make it out of stainless and tig it.
I think there were more auto cougars than TCs.I need the black console piece for the shifter.That would be great if you could find one.
If they are made of heavy wall tubing, they should be fine.My Rods header is heavy stainless and hasnt cracked yet but I have the stock bracket.I like the idea of the brace going from the header to th...
make sure the teeth are the same.
Ignition.Check plugs and wires.Make sure fuel pressure is correct.