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Your right Paul that is me. It's just easier to use the same pic and my item descriptions are always a little different so you know exactly what you get.
Danny, How user friendly is this thing-I am not computer illiterate but just want to know if it might be in my interests to go with something else the gen 6 is going to cost me 700.00 and if I c...
I have the opportunity to buy a Accel Gen 6 Dfi fuel management system with 3 bar map sensor and heated 02 sensor. I was wondering if anyone here is using this and with what results. I havent really l...
why do you wanna retorque em? I have done lots of hg and never retorqued a 2.3's headbolts after running the car
ok-The a4ld in my car had a incredible recovery(4th gear showed back up) for no reason. In my 90 stang the selector switch only works on defrost and the floor if you put it on vent or any other it jus...
HI all, I bought a 90 lx stang this summer for a winter/extra car. It had a rebuilt a4d with around 200 miles on it. Since around thanksgiving it has been my daily driver. Last night I started it d...
always have a tracking # or delievery confirmation on your stuff and never send to a unconfirmed address. I have also learned the hard way.
I can sell you one if you need it(oi return line)
I have a j3 adapter but with no chips. if anyone wants it it's for sale. I bought it knowing very little of it.
I have a 65mm tb and the spearco svo intercooler setup my hose on the tb just cracked and I cant find one locally. Any help would be great. Thanks Duane
I replaced some intercooler hoses now and my beast boosts up but I dont think they could handle the epoxy green monster in englishtown. What do you guys think?
I need to know what color wire is the signal wire in my 88tbird. There's a white black then a green/black
I finally got it-took a little cussing a lot of beer. Thanks for the help guys it took 3 people and a wrecking bar to finally get and the used one I put in is gonna need replaced again in a few months...
ok-I dont have a come along any other idea's the big pry bar one alreayd went out the window.
I feel like a retard but I got a used control arm with the car and got the old one out but cant get the new one in. It's bolted on to the hub and the sway bar is in the new one already I just cant get...
Hey guys, I am not at all familiar with the merkur's. I have a chance to buy one with a bad coolant line but this thing also has a bad lower control arm. I dont mind doing a head job(sounds kinda r...
I will trade you my 84v fiero that needs timing gears for it :) then you will have a true pos