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Same thing was happening to me. I turn on the key and the gauge would swing as per normal then when I start the car the gauge does not read at all, just sits there. Shut the car down and restart and a...
In your case I wonder if it would be better to thread the sensor directly into the block above the oil filter.
It can't be that cold in GA. I'm used to working outside all day long in -20 degree weather. Anything above freezing is a bonus. Quick work though, I just changed my plug wires yesterday which were 5...
I know it's been a year but my car now does the same thing. Plugs are new Motorcrafts and car runs great otherwise. Bad wires ??
Mine is an Imperial Eastman and it works great
Heating them is likely the only way they will unscrew and even then they might not and you will have to drill it out. They are M10.
On turbo engines the main IAT is in the VAM and the one in the intake only makes the eec pull a bit of timing if it senses the temp is too high. A lot of people run without this second sensor and Ford...
That sensor really doesn't do too much. To get going you could just plug the hole and plug in a sensor to the wire and tie it out of the way and you are good to go.
Merkur mounts in a Merkur sometimes sag and the motor will then sit on the crossmember. The fix for them is to use Thunderbird 3.8L mounts which sit about 1/4" higher. I have these in my XR. Cleat
My timing gun lets you set timing advance on it so all you need is a point at TDC if you have a gun like this.
Hi; The IAC from a 5.0 will work fine. Actually the IAC from any Ford from 1986 to 1996 or so should be the same. A lot of the sensors will interchange as well.
That is the reason mine has been bypassed with a full gasket with no hole in it. Eventually I will be removing it altogether and plugging the hole. It just passed an emissions test with flying colours...
Just pop a gasket out of an oil filter.
Have you ever paid the outrageous brokerage fees UPS charges ? You basically double what you paid for the item in the first place. I will never get another item shipped across the border by them. I wo...
I'm running a black one in my XR right now and it runs perfect. Cleat
Sounds like your AC could use a charge. Low pressure in the system will cause the compreeor to cycle too much. Eventually as you lose even more pressure it will not kick on at all. On my XR the rear c...
The throttle bodies on the 2.3 NA or turbo is basically junk. The problem you are having is from all the little linkages binding. I replaced mine with a normal style with no extra links and added qual...
Do you have it on the heater hose coming from the T-stat housing ? Mine is this way anong with my autometer temp gauge and the fan switch and it works better than when they were in the intake.
Mine is blocked off using a gasket made with no center hole because when I pressure tested the intake the EGR was not holding. the idle was fine because the leak was external not to the exhaust. I hav...
If I were you and was going to clamp hoses onto the intercooler I would put a small bead of weld around the ends of the tubes to prevent them from blowing off. I have done this on all my connections a...