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This is a link to a thread covering using a modified Pinto cross member. https://www.fordpinto.com/general-help/t5-tranny-mount-pics-anyone-got-any-so-i-can-see-what-i-need/?topicseen
I have no experience with this but found this post on another site that may help. https://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=363999&highlight=16+valve+timing+info+b230+bottom
A continuity checker will say a 0.1 ohm connection is good but with starter current of 200A, the voltage drop would be 200x0.1=20V. With hi amp starter circuits, I found it better to check for voltag...
Towards the bottom of this link there is a description of how to use the GM HEI module with Ford distributors of that vintage. No personal experience with this. http://www.gofastforless.com/ignition...
Bo's site link below (have to sign in) has some more numbers but not the SVO. http://boportforum.proboards.com/thread/9/2-3-head-flow From a now dead Yahoo group site, I copied the following number...
Ford did use a elastomer type damper starting in around 1995 on both the 2.3 and 2.5 Lima's. I am not sure if the late damper could be installed on earlier models and have the early pulleys line up.
Thanks for the info. Two of mine were on the list. Just filled out the online form also.
I do not see a big round plug but this link might help. http://www.rothfam.com/svo/reference/92-93Ranger.pdf
Thanks Ray, I am a little slow but understand now.
The flames on the rear of the Pinto looks like it is going backwards. I did read somewhere that the Pinto is more aerodynamic in reverse than going forward. Topic reminds me of the comedic movie "To...
The Volvo site thread below on this topic may help. According to the Volvo manual, application is by a small short hair (or foam) paint roller. http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=289411&...
Here is one listing of casting numbers from the FAQ section. http://forum.turboford.org/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=4;t=000333
It is a bit confusing but here are a couple links to past projects adapting the 4R70W to the 2.3. http://forum.turboford.org/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=057251;p=1 http://www.turborang...
Thanks for the correction Whistler. Learn something everyday here.
Note your 78 uses a two piece rear main seal with a oil slinger on the crank. That 88 block was designed for a one piece rear main seal and no oil slinger on the crank. So your 78 crank will not fit...
Just speculating, but that round thing looks like a welch plug used to seal up holes in the case like those used for the shifter rail installations. No idea as to how it got inside the transmission. ...
The only information I have seen is in a Rick Byrnes article saying the round tooth belt is a HTD 2 design. In the link below go to "motor(mech)" then to "cam belt history". http://www.merkurencyclo...
Adding a 1/2 length leaf spring to the front portion of the leaf spring with clamp will have a similar effect as a slapper bar and be hard to see. See Brad's thread below. http://www.fordpinto.com/i...
Since you have a remote filter, check to make sure the hoses did not get swapped. The center fitting on the block should go to the center of the filter. Oil filters have a sort of anti-drain back va...
Depending on where the engine is positioned, the E6 manifold will fit in a Lotus Super Seven. See photos in my album Jerry J, from a 4-4-2015 car show here in Jupiter, FL.