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This build is great. Looked at your posts on Instagram and really like the setup. I really wish we had E85 here in Jersey. Are you running a stock T5?
That's awesome, can you provide some details on the build?
longbedGTs Wrote: (08-19-2021, 02:32 AM) -- 88TurboBird Wrote: (08-18-2021, 06:39 PM) -- I saw from your first post that you have a built bottom end and aluminum head. Out of curiosity, what rpm do ...
I saw from your first post that you have a built bottom end and aluminum head. Out of curiosity, what rpm do you start to see boost on your setup?
Just Add Boost Wrote: (06-29-2021, 04:44 PM) -- What is the reason for the sheet metal dash? Less clutter/weight or just like the look? Just curious. -- All of the above actually. I really like th...
I'd like to have a sheet metal dash for my 88TC. Two questions, does anyone know the differences between the thunderbird and fox body dashes? From some searching I've done, it seems the Fox Body dash ...
I just pulled a stock lower off my 88 TC. I'm located in Jersey; zip 07885. I can probably have it shipped out Saturday morning if you're interested
I will be going as well. This will be my fifth (maybe sixth) year straight going with the 88TC. 200 mile drive from Jersey so plenty of time to tune and rip on the new turbo
Eseo Wrote: (04-29-2021, 01:39 PM) -- Is the LA2 still available? -- LA2 has been sold.
For Sale:  1) Used Gnari Manifold - SOLD      - I've had it on the car for 3 years. Good condition; some surface rust, no cracks. Asking $125 plus shipping. 2) Used Gnari GN35 Turbo - SOLD      - 3 y...
Saw an Instagram post of Esslinger prepping 4 - 2300 SOHC aluminum turbo heads. Is Esslinger producing these again or are they special order items? I will be reaching out to them as well but was curio...
Thank you; I found all the posts with the information. This is great. It's nice that Hanlon turned down the input shaft themselves
How are you going to handle the input shaft issue with the TR3650? I wouldn't mind swapping a more robust transmission into my 88 but have heard mixed opinions on having the input shaft turned down to...
That is awesome; congrats on reaching your power goal. I apologize for missing it but what are the plans for the transmission and clutch swap?