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i ran a gm-8 ihi on my old merkur. pulled very hard and it did'nt lag as bad as i would have thought. here is best pic of it on http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee182/xr4ti85/my%20merk/IMG_0316.j...
O my God!! I think I need to go to the bathroom to clean up. Amazing!!!!!! Have any full pics of car?
i have some pointers. first: get new tail lights gaskets and also reground the the tail lights the stock ground sucks and fyi 87-93 mustang headlights bolt right in place no mods other then take out ...
I run autometer phantom mechanical gauges oil,water Kinda one go to electrical gauges just so will look cleaner under he Hood.
I've been doing some side work for some time now porting e6 manifolds for somebody. I now no longer can do as I take care of my son during the day work at night and work 7days a week so don't leave me...
Had no idea that was your car. Its a work of art. My wife needed a bucket to stop me from drooling on myself. By far my favorite car there.
I've ported probably 40 or so and never had an issue with it. I also run a factory support bracket. The only other thing I'd suggest is to lay it back harder from the Turbo flange going back to #4 sti...
I smooth them all those lumps all the way out never had a problem.
3.0 duratec.with escape oil pan don't have the oil starvation problems that the 2.5 has.
So wonder how much a complete stock svo would cost from him? My guess $35-$40k for one under 100,000 miles and for one over $25-$30k
That is awesome i love that car i figured it was over 500 when i seen it at carlisle.
Ford fuel injection turbo has my vote. But both look great awesome job
Not cheap on chassis side just cheap for motor wise. Merk is already in started for solid axle swap. And eventually swapping to a v8 but figured would see what i can do to get it to run 11's with the ...
After seeing schlodes post about fastest combos. Has me thinking. What would be the cheapest way and doing as little as possiable to get my xr to run run high 11's. Now for my chassis setup which wil...