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Just recently bought some new lights without realizing that the previous owner converted my 84 to 86 style with HID lights. I know Daniel Carpenter is doing repops in a few months, so wanted to see ...
Rabbit Hash huh? What are the odds..... Anyways, I'd be happy to put some life back into some used and abused corner and marker lights. Do you have any photos? Any idea on pricing?
Just to clarify; I'm not super picky. They can be old, yellowed, cracked, mismatched, or just generally ugly and I'll consider it. I need all the lights (corner, headlight, and front signal) so beggar...
Just bought an 84 SVO with no corner, front glass, or headlights. Just looking at the market and seeing if anyone has these pieces/what they typically go for. Will match sellers donation to site.
Okay, here's another question. Do the automatic cranks have a recess for the pilot bearing? It's really a bitch to drill those out.
85 or 86 was the first year for 35 pound injector, before that, they were 30. Also, it has a PK1 compter.....I think. nothing too big.
Hopefully you've got some nitrous or a T3 turbine side...
I lifted the tongue of a trailer, loaded with 6,700 pounds of engines, onto the ball hitch of a truck by myself. I know it has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to tell someone. :D
It's on a range of 0 to 5 volts. WOT should be as close to 5 as possible.
Hmm, well, since there's no budget, get a new block cast for yourself. Give yourself enough headroom to go up to four liters or so. Really though, you can get a 2.85 kit from esslinger for 2,600 bucks...
But you had time to reassemble it wrong? Don't mean to pick fun, but, unless it was on the street and a wrecker was coming to tow it away, there's always time. Oh yeah, what Dwayne said...
Right on. It doesn't really support high pressure ratio's, but it does support a decent amount of HP. Translation=you need a bigger motor or more RPM to get one to work well.
just listen to some stuff and see what sounds the best to you, and then go buy it online for half off. Here' some cheap sites. www.thezeb.com (http://www.thezeb.com) www.onlinecarstereo.com (http:...
I think the T61 really beats out the TS04 in this situation. I have no clue how well it'd spool for ya, but selecting purely off the compressor, a T61 will do it better and more efficiently.
Quote: -- the 60 is really marginal pressure wise IMHO 25/26psi is about it's limit.... while it IS better than the 57 trim in this application. it isn't SO much better that it is worth paying to sw...
Hell yeah Stinkin and Greg, I assume that a lot of the people recomending .57's are either making a lot of money off of them by selling them, or were dumb enough to get suckered into buying one. The s...
I say switch to Tech II and GM style sensors. Uh, and then a T61.
Well, with no other changes, the gas would make more power. Ethanol only has about %70 of the energy content of gasoline, however, since you're going to run a bigger turbo, and more boost, the alcohol...
I doubt it was the size of the intercooler that changed anything. A T3 Turbo will move something like 4 or 5 pounds of air per second. How much air resides inside of your IC, a few hundreths/thousandt...