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Yeah, I thought I'd make my presence again. Thinking of getting back into a turbo 2.3 again. Really miss them. So, it's a pushrod head?
Nice pics Joe!!! Does the clutch still slip in that SVO still? :p
I am selling my project do to not enough time, I need another car ASAP, a close place to store it, and not enough money to rebuild it presently. The car has over 200K miles on it. The engine does need...
Still need a short block or whole engine....
Will you sell just the short block? If so, I'll buy it and pick it up!
Ok, now that it's getting warmer, it's time to work on the turbo coupe. I'm looking for a decent running (decent as it has 4 pistons, oil presure, and compresion) short block for my 86 TC.
That's what I was thinking (with the inlet and outlet on the passenger side). I don't have the support for the intercooler.
It should be fine. If you feel that it's not enough, go to a larger AN size/fitting.
Yes, I still need pics! I need to know if the intercooler is mounted vertical or horizontal for starters! I had the instructions, but I can't find them!
I need pics or the actual instructions for installing one of these.
TFI, Fuel Pump Relay, Aux Shaft, and an extra Distributor.
Yeap, the 5.0 one is the same as the 2.3.
I'm looking for one of these for my 86 TC. Anyone have one cheap???
I'm in need of a short block for my 86 turbo coupe. I need something before the end of may. PM me if you have anything decent.