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Very impressive results! How do you like the tkx trans and how high have you shifted it at?
XR'd Wrote: (12-05-2021, 07:49 AM) -- If you dont have one yet, try Merkur Midwest.  Just google the name.  That is where I got mine. -- I do still have one turbine outlet elbow, compressor inlet e...
Onesillynotch you are running 4.10 gears? what size tires and what trans ratios? I think this is my next upgrade.
I have two t3 exhaust elbows polished $45.00 each One big t3 .63 polished turbine housing no visible cracks and radiused wastegate hole $45.00 Two t3 inlet elbows one with two vac ports one with...
Efi upper and lower fully ported with gutted upper and opened to 65mm    $250.0 I have an efi lower welded up, ported, flow tested and converted to carb it isn't a show piece but worked very well $15...
I have two four hole efi lowers i fully ported and welded a 4150 flange to, worked well on my old setup running a 350 and 500 holley asking $175.00 each they won't win any awards for looks. I also hav...
looking for a set of crower 5.2" connecting rods
Curious why you dont run e85? I would like to see your timing map just to look i don't plan on using it. Curious about your idle and cruise timing more than anything.
What is your head gasket setup now? Any chance i could see your timing table as i am setting mine up right now? Thanks!
Very cool Bob how much boost nd what fuel are yu running now?
I have a complete used volvo 16 valve head i will never use so i would rather someone put it to use. It has the intake on it and is dirty outside but inside looks pretty decent. I don't know if the en...
I was wondering what you are running for 7mm valves, springs, retainers, spring pressure etc? I have a 2.5 head ported, flowed and a custom intake i made for it.
I have a few questions but your pm box is full.
I used a converted efi intake with a holley 350 and 500. I also have an OMC intake with an adapter i made to run a holley two barrel as they have a rochester pattern i believe. I might be interested i...
Did you ever try a different cam with this setup? Curious what you have planned for it?
I ran the bronze gear and billet intermediate shaft for a few years on my daily driver and it still looks near new. I do radius the oil pump gears edges and make sure the oil pump doesn't bind and tur...
Bob great information, how much boost? Any nitrous?
Ok i think the EDIS with the 36-1 wheel with coil packs is the way i want to go. Thanks guys!
I don't have any of them so did they make it both ways?
Can the stock for crank sensor be used to fire coil packs without a dizzy is what i should have asked? Good info to know thanks.