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She is a Polish Blonde. I can`t tell her what to do. This is not a joke.
She is a Polish Blonde. I can`t tell her what to do. This is serious.
You can try Rapido,that`s where I got mine 12yrs ago.Tiny Avenger has them listed in their catalog too.Btw,despite what Tommy says,if you do find one,you`ll love it.Try Paul@SVPU also.
Happened to me also & it was talked about quite a bit.New inter-shaft & bearing,oil pump(oem style)pick-up & screen,oil pump drive shaft,& dist gear,along w/cleaning out the pan are in order.Might as ...
Pardon for piling on.But the couple of times I had a flywheel reconditioned & balanced,they did the material removal/adding on the engine side.The clutch side was resurfaced only.It might work,but I`m...
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: JENSSEN,'sigh' :D Must you poke the hornets nest? :D
Sunoco Ultra 94 is great! We Nor`easter types(that`s Yankees to you DonSVOald)are lucky it`s avail all over.I`m hoping the SunocoGT 100 octane unleaded becomes avail, but not holding my breath.Look he...
Quote: -- Originally posted by caroth: I would NOT recommend Airflow as he has had two of my heads for over a year now. He is very hard to get a hold of and won't finish or ship my stuff back. I a...
From what I`ve read on this subject,a bad IVR will cause all the gauges to act weird.Just shooting in the dark here,but maybe it`s the cable or even the speedo head itself.
I thought that was MikeSVORs car.The tip off was the Bilwin spec flex-fan. :D
Do those cars have a Variable Speed Sensor? If they do,it might be that.It should toss a code for it.
I`ll be using whatever cam Esslinger recommends according to my criteria.They are also going to set it up for me.
There`s NO reason to feel dumb about it!You`re attacking the problem the right way.If you`re getting the all clear,you can only start changing or adj parts.I changed EVERYTHING before I got to the VAM...
Well I doubt the ECM would wait a month to have problems w/your mods.I`m only guessing it would have had the problems right off the bat.Look into the VAM.Make sure the flap door opens & closes w/out a...
Try getting your grubbies on a known good one(VAM)& see if it solves the problem.Has it been doing this since you did mods,or did it just start doing this?
My car would either die or the rpms would drop to 500rpm & slowly fight it`s way back up to 950rpm after getting off the hywy.It would restart & idle perfect like nothing happened after doing this.Nev...
That is a fine scanner.I know because when I had a bad VAM,I had one of my pro wrench pals use it on my car & was still getting code#11 on it.Same w/the MAC scanner which is even nicer.You SHOULD be g...
By no codes,do you mean not even Code#11? You should get that one.(All clear)
Whew!For a moment I thought this thread would turn into yet another camshaft debate.Glad that won`t happen now,will it? :D Oh Vlad... :eek: