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Quote: -- Originally posted by caroth: Quote: -- Originally posted by biscuitninja: its been shown you can make big power on a MAF alone, but at that point your designing your system for one pur...
That VAM can flow alot, but once you peg it open and put a really pressure drop you're are not consistent on your calculations (which is why the MAF was invented). But this has been mentioned. its b...
I understand... I was hoping to mount the radiator LOWER on the back of the radiator. I know its not exactly the proper thing to do, but it should kill too much power. I'm suprised alot of people ha...
Looks Great! where did you get the tube from the trubo to VAM?
Has anybody ever done a install WITHOUT going to a different (Ranger) radiator? Please let me know. I'd also like to see some pictures.... I bought the stinger kit and am wondering if i can get aro...
great information! I'd like to see a chart with the transitional flow with respect rpms and boost. I bet there is a MAJOR geometric cure going on.... -bix
does anybody have a write up on how to do it? I've been wondering and would very much like to ditch that VAM.... -bix
Well just remember it snows up there... alot. New Mexico is my home state. I don't know if Dave's Mustang Parts is still the there... Good luck -bix
I cranked the 347 mustang to 12psi and layed into it at 80ish or so. I never knew you could drift on the highway. My tires are RT615s with 245/45-17. That should put it up to 600hp. -bix
I tend to like the EEC IV solution, my little old DART 347 mustang with a few lbs of boost is nice and docil until you get into it. PLUS its passes smog and is 100% legel. goodluck -bix
Yep I have a full on maximum track grip kit as well as a svo specific kit they made me. Expensive, but well worth it and thier quality is top notch. -bix
So what's the option for computers now? With Bamafuel out of the picture what's next? SDS? The old fashion LA3's? just wondering -bix
They are kinda high priced.... my mildly modified foxbody has bested one or two of them.... *cough* 10s open track car.... good luck -bix
Ducie! Glad to hear things are going ok. My SVO has been less than stellar. The Mush-stang has been ok. But its a supercharged DART 347 that makes just north of 600rwhp now. It does have heating ...
Sorry, but the Mustang should be 3500lbs MAX. Not nearly 4200lbs. That's just PIG heavy. If ford can make the Mustang on a .8 or .75 scale I think they'd have a winner. I can't believe my Focus we...
Nice info here! Just a FYI My twin just purchaed a 4cyl and put on a M2300K brake kit along with an 8.8 in it. The engine is still stockie my stock 1990 2.3L with auto... But that will soon change...
I'd try 0 degrees first and give it a shot. Plus, right around 4200 rpms your engine just starts DUMPING fuel into car. Your injectors might be a tad big for your application. Just a though. -bix
Quote: -- Originally posted by UR50SLO: I use a GM Electric AIR pump from the Camaro/Firebird LT1. I use a seperator before the pump. I think it'll help you guys just the same. You might need to sl...