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I believe they may belong to a former member here, 70 eliminator, from Palmer Lake. First name is Mike. Gary, if I recall, some of his collection may have been damaged in the Black Forest fire.
Also be very careful that the connection runs on the EEC's port don't lift. I had one that the expoxy loosened and when I inserted the J3 it bent in half. I was lucky it didn't break.
Mazda 84-85, RX-7 13b are 680cc. Direct fit, but good luck finding a pair, let alone four.
Quote: -- Originally posted by nandomart: Cmartin..I understand that part. What I am trying to grasp is how to adjust the cam timing with..well let use the Motorsport pulley I have..i set the engine...
Not a bad ET for the first time out in 20 years! Have you whooped on you brother yet Jim?
2.3L distributor with like new NAPA gear. Was used for two weeks until I could source a distributor and matching aux shaft. No cap or TFI-$25, plus shipping. Brown top injectors. Pintle caps and O ...
Email reply MustangLXO (Charles). You did beat Bigs by email by 5 hours. I was unable to read my home emails until now. Thanks!!
Unable to send PM, mailbox is full. LOL, you currently 50% of my old parts!!!
Used Motorsports chrome 7.5 diff cover, chrome socket head bolts and lock washers. The cover had some small surface rust that cleaned up with polish and wax. $10 + shipping. Best to email me at grambt...
Quote: -- Originally posted by 40bob: Fuel pressure: Ref line off - 46# Ref Line on - 38# Sounds rich to me. -- +1. Also, what is your TPS reference voltage?
Orma, you may have nailed it. I did remove the chip and cleaned the contacts with electrical part cleaner. The contacts looked fine, but in the past I had one contact come loose from the board and al...
Quote: -- Originally posted by CruzNlife1: I think he doesn't even hear the pump turn on. But turns on fine through self test terminals -- Right! It starts fine grounded through the test terminal. ...
My daily driver is a turbo Ranger, MAF conversion, J3 chip. Leaving the parking garage last night my fuel pump failed to prime on the first try. I cyled the key a few times and it primed, but but ve...
You can convert a T5 2.3l bell with with a clutch fork to hydraulic with a jy Mazda slave that bolts to the side of the bell using a spacer block. You will need a hydraulic line.
I've had one in my Ranger for a few years now. Hardest part was to find a S10 T5 tailshaft with a speedo drive gear housing. I matched the GM drive gear with a Carmaro driven gear (purple)to work with...
There was a XR7 in the yard. If it's gone you can make a oil feed line from standard brake line.
Hey Will, have you considered leaving it DIS? You could find the hard parts you're missing at the Springs U-Pull. If not TFI wiring and hard parts would be best to get at the U-Pull. Gary G.
Quote: -- Originally posted by Seahag: What a funny looking exhaust manifold. Whats the idea behind it? -- It looks simular to Allan Moore's old "Red Header" kit? It had huge freaking primarys. ...