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Frequently the lack of codes is due to lack of grounding to the ECU. At this point I would take the ECU out, after disconnecting the battery, and take it apart. Then look it over and see if anythi...
87/8 TurboCoupes were the only 2.3t cars to come with a hydraulic setup. steve
I had the boost cranked up on one of my TC (~19 psi, T3). It ate ignition components. New plugs every ~5k and new wires every 10k. The plug gaps would have opened up from the 0.028" I set them to t...
I think I did the CAD drawing off of dimensions supplied by Brad. I've been around here a long time... steve
The TPS is only used to trigger WOT, idle and to lead airflow changes before the VAM/MAF/MAP signal changes. And in all cases whichever of those sensors you have can also trigger the special modes. ...
The memory locations for the LA3 are pretty well mapped out. Check if there's a definition file or if not I can probably find the memory location list and send it to you. Just borrow the QH off the ...
Air intake leaks would cause it to be rich, but only under boost. VAM sees air coming in and EEC sends enough fuel to match it. However some of the air is getting out so there is now too much fuel, ...
I think the one time I did it I used o-rings I had for a/c replacement. At this point with the ethanol in the gas I probably wouldn't use straight rubber ones.
What is the difference between the retainers? I don't believe it can be the bearing pocket because to the best of my knowledge the center tub of the transmission is common between all T5 (are WC and ...
If it's the snap together quick connects you can just replace the o rings in them. steve
On grounding... I've upgraded to 4 wire sensors and run the ground wire to the same bolt on the turbo that the EEC is grounded to when lazy, or the better solution is to reroute that wire to connect ...
Working through this for entirely different reasons but similar issues. I have an 83 GT and 84 SVO that need the harnesses replaced due to insulation falling off. I have a few 87/8 TC harnesses to u...
If you order a rag joint for a 1969 Boss 302 from a Mustang place it's poly and the same piece as in the SVO. (I don't know how different the Pinto one is but I'm guessing it's close.) steve
84 and 85 SVO have the booster pump. My very late 85.5 doesn't have a booster pump. When did they start putting the EEC in the A pillar? On my 83 and 84 GT it's under the pass seat. (IIRC my 84 ...
Spot on except I think the power (+12v) at 30 probably comes from the ignition switch instead of being continuous hot, but I definitely could be wrong.
How hard is it to use the Corvette one? I know it was mounted in the rear as a transaxle. steve
The new pilot bearing came in and it's significantly shorter than the one I took out. So much for supplier quality.
You'll have to verify hose size but I got the SS braided lines from an SN95 to go from the tank fittings to the chassis lines.
What is the TPS voltage doing at tip in? Is it moving immediately off of it's idle voltage or is a bit later? Is it still in idle mode or is it transitioning to part throttle mode at tip in? I'm ...
I'll be doing this in the next couple of days, as soon as the parts store gets the bearing in. Trans was being noisy and I had a spare so I was just going to swap them. Them I saw the pilot bearin...