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I have the RAM Powergrip 6-puck and it has held up great. Just make sure you're nice and easy on it for the first 500 miles and have the flywheel ground before install. Most people that whine about ...
Is your knock sensor plugged in? Mine would bog after catching each gear with it plugged in. Unplugged it's fine.
Sometimes a bad ignition switch won't turn on the pump. I used to have to jiggle my key and flip the switch from ACC to ON a few times to get it to go.
Sometimes a preset button will stick and the radio will keep changing back to that station. You might be able to unstick it by fiddling with the button. I ended up yanking mine once it did the ol' "...
The Po-town hookers seem to think so... :p But I wouldn't be worried about small wastegate cracks.
First, everyone stop whining about the cost of a $2800 DOHC head. An Esslinger race head costs well over 3 grand with all the adapters and special parts required. Speed costs money people! Granted,...
Get the "electronic blow off valve" thing and change the sound to that of a flushing toilet when you shift. That'll piss off the ricers :D
*Shameless drunken reply* :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Slightly higher compression + the better heat transfer capabilities/hotspot reduction of aluminum should make for a nice combo :cool: Hope you don't have a repeat of your last flat top turbo exper...
Spring is coming up and I've been thinking what to do with my (refusing to start) 87 turbo stang. I've got my new daily driver (98 B3000 4x4) and my resto car (66 stang), so I'm thinking of turning t...
The premium sound in my Mustang was a pain when I installed the head unit. I ended up yanking the factory amp and unplugging the harness from itself and pulling the non-premium sound connectors down ...
Don't know where you'd find a bigger one... the only ones I've seen have been on toyotas and volvos. They're about 1/4 the size of a turboford VAM.
The 2.3 NA superchip is a waste of money. All it does is advance the timing. The speed density system used on the NA cars is not very responsive to mods. Intake, exhaust, and maybe some porting is ...
You might not need a new motor. My pass side window motor croaked in the down position. Took it out intending to get a junkyard replacement. Disassembled it for kicks, and there was a ton of crud i...
Do you have a bypass valve? If not, it's probably the noise the air makes when it slams against the closed throttle and backflows thru the turbo, stalling the compressor.
You will need a turbo or ranger clutch disk (larger).
A ported head, cam, and holley 390 4bbl should get you close to 160hp. A shot of nitrous on that would make the car scoot pretty good. Of course if you had the funds you could build yourself a nice ...
I really hope it's not the head gasket... the motor's O-ringed :pat: