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Cool, well if you need anything with either motor ht me up.
Making sure you got my reply on ebay messaging. Thanks Randy
Need to start a VQ section :) I'm seriously considering slapping a turbo on my FX35.
Don't junk the motor or at least transmission if it's an iron case 5-speed. Those are kinda sought after and fairly strong.
My 2.3rx7 went out the same way, but it blew the lower radiator hose off right past the 1/8th mile :( Quote: -- Originally posted by Deathbypsi: Quote: -- Originally posted by Stinger: Yo...
It list the company that did the trans SQS racing. High up 4cyl run some stupid boost levels. Seen many a old Toyota running 50+, Brent Rau was supposedly running close to 90# in his 4g63 eclipse....
The way you have it hooked up straight from the compressor to the wastegate should give you #10 with maybe a tiny spike of 1 or 2# at onset.
Yea, that's just strange. I never had any problems with any stock actuator.
Quote: -- Originally posted by Dave Flanders: I'm not dogging your work Randy, you make some beautiful headers. I'm just saying that the standard stick a pipe on somewhere at 90 degrees to the flow ...
Kinda pricey, but you can get adapters to go from T3 manifold to t25 turbo. Probably looking at $75-$100 for an adapter. Might be cheaper/more room to have the stock manifold welded and redrilled. ...
I'd try dumping the wastegate to the ground, possible even remove the spring all together and see if it still creeps up. I"ve done manifolds with much worse placement (most the time you really don't ...
I have manifolds on some 2.4l's turning 8000+ rpm making north of 700hp using a single tial 44. But pretty sure none are trying to running less than 30# of boost though :)
Whats the wastegate bolted to? Different motor, but my 2.0 was using a 35mm gate and it would hold whatever pressure i set it. I turned it to 8600ish. 63 stage 3 turbine.
If I wasn't just going to use a gutted intake, just by looking at all the other engines (all brands) that are making big numbers they have damn big plenums. I'd port the crap out of a stock lower an...
Tell the machinist he goofed, show him the problem. He should get you some new seals and the proper shims (if needed).
I ran 25+ pounds with a stock actuator bolted to a holset for years. Shot me a message, i think i still have a couple actuators laying around. I'll check them out, one free+shipping :)
I send hardware with mine :) You'll want M10-1.5×25mm socket heads And do yourself a favor and pick up one of these. http://m.harborfreight.com/7-pc-38-in-drive-metric-long-reach-ball-head-hex-s...
I'll make it out of anything a person wants, just charge the price difference in materials. 304 seems to be the standard in what everybody uses. Using 316 over 304 would add about $30-$35 321 isn't...
I'm here, I lurk a good bit..but didnt see this thread. I'll keep an eye on it if anybody had any questions. Ive been doing these things for years, just mostly for toyotas. Everytime I would spot ...
Do you have a megasquirt to relay board harness? Just hook the megasquirt to relay board up as normal and the power and grounds. Run all the normal crap out of the relay board from JP1 (long thingy ...