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Does anyone here have a used T4 flange Turbo lying around that they want to part with. Let me know what you have. You can post here or PM   I am running a T67 Turbo but need something that spools up ...
In addition to what Ray says. If you talk to Stinger or Bo (good guys to talk to that can help with build and recommendations and sell you parts ) or any of the go fast guys, couple things will help ...
Are you still in  Pearson, WI, USA as per your Signature. Sent you a PM
Hello Schlodes Your PM box is full. Do you have a website or a way to get a hold of you. I sent and email not sure if you receive it.  Thanks
I will keep my eye our for one of these EFR-7163 the more I read the more I like
Just Add Boost - That is carnage, do not even want to ask how much boost/HP you were pushing through that motor.
Nice score and it seem to have all the accessories belts etc.
Looking to experiment with the above. Let me know what you have shipped to 60050
Looking for a good V8 T5 transmission.  Let me know what you have shipped to 60050 zip code
What Ray says. For me why I am stepping up to the bigger one is that my clutch keeps slipping. In full transparency I was not running any of the new performance clutches that are out there. I had to...
You can still keep the 2.3 T5 and just go to the bigger clutch setup (Bell, Flywheel, 2.3 - 5.0 adapter, Clutch, Pressure Plate), until you get the V8 T5 if that is what you choose to do. If you go...
What Bo said, stinger site has nice write up on the clutches etc. Note - I too went to the V8 clutch (have not tested it as yet as I am still waiting on my tran to be fixed by the tran shop). The ...
Cleven. I am not sure who still do them but you can pick up chips every now and then they are rear to come by. One thing as you know is that the chip will be for a specific set of parameters and ...
Just before winter. Congrats. What will you be doing with that C4 now if I may ask ?
Andrew / Heath- Not to high jack the tread but I would be interesting in some Merkur stuff if you start doing those.  I would also be interesting in a (2)sets of Subframe connectors for the Merkur XR4...
How much power are you looking to put down or aiming towards.