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ok is there any lower ratio like 308?
Where can i find a lower than stock 3.73 for my SVO i want something like 3.55 or 3.27? gota drive long highway to houston to dallas and back 2wice a month soo i wanna get good gas milage and save tho...
Ok i did a search and couldnt find anything but ok here my deal- The car has a rebuilt motor with 1k on it and all new everything . Every now and then it will drop at idle and almost die but not quite...
Ok ive got an 86 SVO with an Eibach pro-kit and i changed the rear shocks out to a monroe and the back feel great. but i think my konis that are in the front are dead it is soo damn stiff its jaw brea...
well the plug was kind frayed so i put a switch in its place but the timing does not change at all when i flip the switch i set timing to 10 with it off and then when i connect it it does nothing it...
This damn thing doesnt do anything there isnt anychange in my timing when i pull it or put it back in what is wrong ??? I need help fast
Ok What is wrong, i have the base timing set to 12 and have tried to mess around with it but i still cant get the car to make any boost its starts to and then just stumbles and chokes . I have no clue...
Ok i can get the engine to turn over by using a screwdriver to jumper the starter switch but it wont start and if i use the key nothing happens. Any ideas ? Its a rebuild motor with a t3/t4 and volvo ...
Well i am doin the volvo i/c switch i got the i/c and radiator for 50 and there both in both in perfect shape - what size piping is best to you for the best performance.
Just wondering what and if anyone bores these blocks and what size bore
Is a 2.5 stoker kit worth 300 dollars to put in my SVO. And what kind of gains can i expect?
Ok ive checked the fuel pump and i just put a set of new plugs and wires(motorcraft) gapped to .034 and new cap and rotor and it ran great and then I was on my street getting ready to turn into my dri...
Ok what kind of spark plugs and what temp is best along with what gapping do you guys run?
What can i do besides higher octane to get rid of the pinging that i get at about 19 lbs??
Has anyone thaught about moving the stock intercooler. And if soo would it make more power until i can get a hold of a nicer one
What kind of transmission fluid are you guys running and how many quarts of it?
How much ground clearance did you guys loose when you installed your 3 inch downpipe???
Does anyone know the part number for any blow off or bypass valve. Or do you know if Auto Zone or Oriely carries them??
Should i put my blow off valve before or after my intercooler??"?