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Quote: -- Originally posted by Dr. Joe Laramee: Friday 07/26 I went 1.31 60ft. 5.73 @ 121.98... Larry Taylor with the "Cream Korn" Toyota with a true 2.3 Ford, went 1.67 60ft. 6.82 @ 108. Coles Coun...
Good luck today Bob! I see a new number 1 coming soon! lol
1)5.73@121 Dr.Joe 1.31 7/26 Coles Co Raceway Pinto,c4 2}5.77@123 Snoopstang 1.34 6/22 Wildcat 01 Mustang,glide 3)9.82@136 Bob Myers 6.24@109 1.37 6/14 Mason Capri, G101a manual 4)9.92@...
Ok its that time again! Tracks should all be open by now so lets get at it! I have been out of the loop for a while occupied with other projects but Im trying to get much more active in my 2.3t thing...
Ask and you shall receive... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5fTnxNqKGw
Id love to see the details of how you did the cooling system. That was something I was considering
Car looks awesome. Nice to see it out being enjoyed
Yeah it’s been a while but I have still been collecting parts for this here and there. Call me a fool but a few months ago I decided I was tired of the supercharged Explorer motor in my Tbird so I to...
Bob, do you have a link or part number for the one your using?
Dave, was it PTC you said you talked to about the converter side?
Mine is going in a 83 Tbird TC I was considering the same MM manual brake conversion you have. After a bunch of miles now how do you feel about the manual brakes? Any regrets of not going HB?