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I have a 2.3L distributor where the gear is moved so that the pin and hole in gear do not line up.
If I was running 26psi I would be running ARP head studs,O-ringed block, and solid copper head gasket. On my 200 inline six no one makes a good head gasket that holds boost and we only have 4 bolts p...
IIRC uses a stock 429-460 head. Has anyone used a Jon Kaase stock block 429 Boss head? Bet a semi hemi aluminum head on a aluminum motorsport block would make for one hell of a wild turbo ford 4cyl.
You cant kick me out...If I leave all the plants are gonna die. A Ford inline six is a red headed stepchild. A inline six turbo in a Fox body is like a red headed stepchild who is overweight and alw...
I thought the point of this site was to gather and talk about and share knowledge of Ford's with turbo's. If the intent of the site is 2.3L turbo only then I have no business being here. I am buil...
The whole reason I want to run E85 in my 85 Coupe is for the 106 octane rating and the cooler burning effect of alcohol with turbocharged engines. With the intake log sitting on top of the exhaust por...
Contrary to making a genius move like bringing back the 3.2L Barra DOHC inline six and making the 3.2L and 4.0L DOHC inline sixes available in America, Ford North America is making Ford Australia drop...
I just finished building my 3.3L inline six. Still need to rebuild blow through 2bbl and T3 turbo. I will never build another US inline six. Next motor will be a 4.0L DOHC Barra inline six. FPV Typh...
I dont know...he only has 95.5% positive feedback... ;)
Quote: -- Originally posted by Wessk: Quote: -- Originally posted by neongreen: FOCUS ST!!!!! -- While I love the car, Focci are not supposed to cost nearly 30k. -- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 30k? ...
Glad to hear of the improvements. Prayers sent for a speedy recovery. Best Wishes Paul.
That Volvo 8v swap is looking better and better. I too have had a hard time finding 2.3L heads that arent cracked. Back when I had my 86LX went through 3 heads before found one that was still cracke...
Just stopped in and saws this. Sorry to hear this and best wishes on a speedy recovery, My dad has had a couple of back surgeries and had to have vertebrae fused. get well soon.
Do you still have to block off coolant passages on back of block with the 8V? Looks like it in last photo?
This one? http://www.evalbum.com/3028 Here's a 1990 Fox convertible http://www.evalbum.com/273
Have you considered going to ARP head studs and O-ringing block and running a solid copper head gasket? http://www.scegaskets.com/Ford/23L-SOHC-Pinto/Solid-Copper-Racing-Head/Pro-Copper-Head-Gasket...
Im no expert but it seems like you did pretty good. The important part is that you had fun.
Figured as much. Clicked on links and it just seemed to refresh page.