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Anytime Big Daddy , you keep on rockin . Be safe . Billy
Ray Take your pick: Acronym Definition BDO = Black Desert Online (gaming) BDO = Big Day Out (Australian music festival) BDO = Banco de Oro (Philippines) BDO = British Darts Organisa...
I had an 85 , an 08-87/88 & an 88. They all have a small tunnels .Rick Byarns had some good pics of the reworked tunnel. I looked for a few hours to no avail .If you do try to do his , while the tran...
In 5 days I'll be 52. You guys make me feel like a pup LOL Billy
Drew I'll look tomorrow , mine are at work . I'll see how they are . But I do believe they are on the same side . Billy
Sorry for hijack... Do Crower rods have the oiling holes? Craigory They do not have holes. Billy
I have to say do the retorque . I didn't do it for about 3500 miles after a rebuild , then it had a tiny miss.Did a retorque the miss went away. Plus I used the torque wrench to untorque the stud. I ...
It sounds like a company took it upon themselves to make a 302/5t fit into an XR4Ti. So they could run it in a V8 racing venue.Plus just like Wikipedia said " A limited number of 250 Sierras were ma...
You don't have to take the head off to do valve seals . Put the piston at the bottom of the bore , with the plug out fill it with some rope. Bring the piston back up to the top, the rope will hold th...
I'm pretty sure the XR also came with a 302 as well in S. Africa and other areas. I am not sure if there was a manual trans option with that though. I'll check it out. I have yet to see a stock 30...
Well wishes for our Turbo Ford Hero. Billy
As Stinger said the tunnel is small , so a 5.0 bell is tooo big. To do this you'll need to take out the dash , the box with the heater core. Then the seats , the rug.So the area where there bell is ne...
I'd say get a flywheel from Stinger , I think it's all so 11 lbs lighter then the stock stuff.Plus when you do the 5.0 bell , you do know that you need to cut out the trany tunnel to get it all to fit...
Try disconnecting the cable. Then you'll be able to see just what is binding. thumbs up Billy
I think 1200 cc injectors will idle fine with Pimp :) , I heard once upon a time. Someone may chime in with a real-life number.But if 1200 cc injectors will idle fine , I'd be willing to bet , if you ...
https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/yellow-lamborghini-aventador-just-crashed-193000116.html (https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/yellow-lamborghini-aventador-just-crashed-193000116.html)   Billy
Kinda makes you wonder what if ,the last 400'was down hill. LOL Billy
Ray Stinger Wrote: The autograph line is getting pretty long, better jump in soon if you want to get one before the signing period is over. Rolleyes Please send an autographed pic ...