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on the code 14 if it idles funny at times this can set the code. I've been thru this before. replaced it and still get the code.
if your getting normal fuel pressure then an adjustable regulator really isn't needed. do a resistance test on the ECT sensor if your worried or put the other one in.
I would say leave it off as I do on mine that's stock with an automatic. my other one i have it hooked up because i can tune the amount of timing it pulls. stock table is like 20 degs iirc. one thing...
well the ecu didn't do anything for it. i will take time to go thru everything again and see if its something i missed or a real wiring harness problem.
so that might indicate a problem with the ecu i take it. i have another i can plug in to try. thank you.
So i posted yesterday in the electrical section about a prob. that's kinda resolved for the moment maybe. my new problem is now its running on 2 cylinders. replaced the injectors a couple of months ag...
So i had to drive my old tbird 88 turbocoupe to work today. first started it and had no wipers and power windows. then everything started working. driving to work and went around a corner and it start...
Anyone have a block fitting for the turbo drain line. Thanks
well look ray came thru again. thank you the 5.25 dimension is supposed to be .52
I figured that out but thanks, I noticed something right away. I'm still looking for the Windsor pattern.
need help on another one, anyone have a blueprint or dimensions on the back of a small block ford. thanks would appreciate it.
does anyone still have the dimensions for the block bellhousing end. trying to do some machining on parts and don't have access to a block right now. need locations for bolt and dowel holes please. or...
looking for a b234f head if anyone has one please post or let me know please.
Looking for the 5/16 line that goes from the center section to the side of the block for 87/88 turbocoupe.
love the exhaust out the side, get a supper trap or find a way to attach the discs if you want to tone it down a little.
make sure you check for coil bind when you get the correct lift. I have this cam.