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I saw a T bird yesterday at first i thought was a turbo coupe. then i got up on it and it had a totally different hood scoop than i have ever seen, looked very much factory. not bolted on Any one k...
Quote: -- Originally posted by MustangLXO: GT40P's heads are drilled for 7/16th's 302 head bolts, the 351 needs 1/2" holes for heads. Some GT40's like the ones used on the first-gen lightnings have ...
Quote: -- Originally posted by Stinger: Quadrant and firewall adjuster doesn't have anything to do with the type of cable. The clutch pedal end of the cable is the same between 2.3 and 5.0 (and that...
any of you guys use an aftermarket clutch quadrant with this style bell http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/evintho/Misc%20photos/Dogbonecable.jpg and is so, what is involved? thanks for you he...
turbo Xs blow off valve, on XR transfer pipe, 120us + shipping OBO http://www.fastcompany.ca/gallery/d/1182-1/IMG00341-20100711-1740.jpg
50$ us, plus shipping OBO http://www.fastcompany.ca/gallery/d/1185-1/IMG00342-20100711-1740.jpg
actually tried to access the page today. was gonna ask him lol
I have to agree with the guys on YB, What you go looks killer but it moves you up a class
just an update... i know its an old post the 225 60, 16's worked reall good the did rub a tad in the front at full lock.
this guy by me has so many, and he wants top dollar for them :s map (http://maps.google.ca/?ie=UTF8&ll=53.556862,-113.692832&spn=0.004774,0.013733&t=h&z=17)
Quote: -- Originally posted by onesillynotch: stinkinlincoln would be proud -- what ever happened to forrest?
Quote: -- Originally posted by galaxie1: Ask stinkin' Lincoln I am sure he would know . -- he still around? old Forrest
My friend just did his rolled fender you can get a 275 60 15 M/T in there on a 8" rim with 5.5 back space he also talked about a 10" rim with a 6.5 back space some inner fender clearancing was neede...
Quote: -- Originally posted by stackz: um....says "kit car" but that plaque in the picture looks real to me... https://www.iaai.com/Vehicles/VehicleDetails.aspx?auctionID=8389670&itemID=8728302&R...
Quote: -- Originally posted by tr6turbo: To get more out of the seminar read his book first. -- yea its a 15 hour drive.. so ill have time