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i havent been around for awhile. it took me a minute to remember a password from 2000 to be able get back in.  i, like many, have either lost interest or lost time to work on it.  i have spent years ...
from the title i thought you were talking about the mustang that was ripped apart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Xvvnsv150 both lucky
there is a guy in orlando that is 95% done with his eb swap svo. it runs and drives. just minor things to work out. so they are not the first unless this was done 2 years ago.
i was channel surfing and stopped on the show junkyard empire on velocity. they had a 85 that was getting the 2.3EB swap done. they got a MM k member and the motor in but had trouble with the control...
not sure if anyone has seen this one? http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/06/the-wtf-ford-prefect/
sorry for your loss. i know they are both in a better place and smiling down at you.
i am curious too, i was thinking about the 259.
nice work. cant wait to see more.
glad this was posted. im in the same boat with learning this and i guess from reading this i will need to convert my pimp unit as well.
is there a real name for the metal plate behind the crank pulley? i lost it. i need to buy another one. thanks
tim did work for me and was beautiful.
moving in 6 weeks. need ot clean out so i dont have to carry this stuff. reman big vam with hose - 30 60mm tb bare - 20 stock svo ic with brackets - 35 stock tb bare - 5 set of pigtails for flush...
im curious to see the difference. you have done some really nice work.
do you think that you will get enough air from the scoop at the bottom for the IC?
wow, thanks for the replies. the course thread got bent a bit on the first row of threads. might be able to have the tool room guys at my work to fix it. if not, i just order a new stud. always best ...
i got a set of arp studs to use but i messed up the threads on one. it is a big no no to use one stock head bolt in its place? or just go by a new stud. thanks.
just happened to be a guy at my work no less. 3rd shift guy, jut got lucky seeing it. is anyone still logging vin's?