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I saw Hubers last night and it looked deeper than 3/8". The block looks great though! Almost makes me wanna build a tall deck motor.
Awesome!! So it will place the throtte body between the alt and strut tower? Any chance of it being available with an uncut/drilled throttle body opening?
It looks like the ac had been replaced w an aftermarket kit that used a different compressor and brackets. I always liked the way it looked for your upper alt mount though!
This Cracka wants to get in line for some road poss chassis dyno tuning one of these times youre in town if ya feel like messin w my old school Commander 950!
It's because it gives Papa Jon something to do! Lol!
Yep, talked to him earlier, they had a bunch of shuttling to do between Tulsa?? and Topeka today (Friday) to get it all home. It sucks, but thats racing. He didnt seem to mad about it..never does thou...
I will, but gotta do it at work one day, no internet at the house yet. Do you have any of your posted?
I have one on my 84, and like it. It was a huge jump from stock. It doesn't have all kinds of bells and whistles but it gets the job done. Biggest downer is at 30psi its done on the map and as far as ...
Still have mine too. 84 GT Turbo, holset, 85lb/hr, a237 cam and head work.
I want to see it, but am not a member. Move it on over here!
You set it w the wired disconnected to take the PCM out of the equation. When its plugged in the PCMtakes over and adds timing on top of the base 10deg
Quote: -- Originally posted by t23boostd: Unrelated trivia: I noticed that all three water pump bolt holes go through into the water jacket. ;) -- And dont forget, one of them intersects a head b...
Papa Jon told me that mine was the last one that he made, was making because it just wasn't worth the time it took when there are other good logs out there FWIW I too plan on re-adding AC to mine but...
It could be made to work but I think it would take some doing. Its tight in that area with my Huber Log and a Holset HY35 on it. Do You already have the header??
Depends on what kind of car your talkin? Full on drag car? gutted race car? drive able race car? Street car? No matter what all the fast guys are down right impressive!! As far a Jon (Not Papa, I hav...
IMO, I'd keep the 3" and do a better muffler on it. I have a Dynomax Ultra-Flo and a full tail pipe and its pretty quiet
What Gary said, and check your grounds to make sure they are good. Ground is the most important side of a circuit!